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Plesioth HR7-9

An enormous, flightless, aquatic wyvern with wings that have evolved into fins for swimming. Although superficially fish-like, they can move on land as well. Frogs are their favourite food. [Quoted from Monster List]

Plesioth is extremely vulnerable to paralysis, and poking the lower abdomen deals massive damage. Keep those in mind and you can lay flat any Plesioth in a matter of minutes. Or place a shock trap and poke it to your heart’s desire.

Removing the time I travelled to get to the area depicted in the video, the total time to kill a G-ranked Plesioth ( 7200 HP ) is less than 10min. Could be done A LOT faster though. Had I not make any reckless mistakes, placed the Shock Trap properly and Plessy stays out of the water for extended periods, it could easily get to 7-8min. Quite lazy to redo the vid… So I’l just make do with this one. 😀

Oh and since its over 10minutes , I had to cut some of the vid ( the boring scenes mainly ~ ).

Enjoy ! ~

Lance: Darkness
True Indra Helm
Rathalos Soul Mail Z
True Indra Gloves
Rathalos Soul Coil Z
True Indra Leggings

Activated Skills:
– Guard+1
– Reckless Abandon+1
– Defensive Maneuvers+1
– Survival

Very busy nowadays. Guide inevitably postponed. 🙁

1. Falco – Law of Ueki
2. Gwen Stefani – Rich

ChilledShandy ( For the awesome title page ) 😀


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  1. godamn, i just wasted 50 minutes trying to kill green plessy hr7 solo and FAILED by time out! I was using a Golden Eclipse (fire sns).

  2. kisuke…. how about u tell us ur problems in any game and we all laugh at them huh? Anyway. Great vid! u helped me believe tht hitting the belly breaks fin cuz i was denying tht for ages lol!

  3. I always had trouble because I would try to fight it with longsword. With lance, it is much easier. Also, the G-rank one hits a lot harder, and I didn't have G-rank armor yet.

  4. Ah. No problem. xD I'm planning to make a better one tho', With improved tactics, and better video + audio quality. ^_^

  5. Thanks Kronos ! But it was quite a bad run tbqh. ChromeDeathRazor's Adrenaline+2 vs Green Plesioth is tons better ! WHoosh !! 😀

  6. Lol I use my subscription powers very liberally 🙂 Thanks dude, I made it. I tried it out on a village plesioth and killed it in like 30 seconds. I fished him outta the water with a frog and by the time he stopped flopping and stood up he was paralyzed lol. I para-locked him lol. Besides being fun to use, it looks badass. Thanks again!

  7. Try aiming its belly. It does a LOT more dmg than poking at the legs. xD But still … the dmg done by turtling is kinda low. LoL… Anyways ~ MB+ , try Vespoid Queen runs. Took me a looooong time to get them too. T_T

  8. Ooops my bad dragonwood Gunlance :D…..But i tried it on him and i ran out of time.I checked the requirements of darkness you need Monster broth+ but i'm only HR7 where do i get monster broth+ so i can finish darkness 😀

  9. Well to be honest , Darkness is not really hard to get. Just catch lots of bugs from the bugtrees and kill a couple of queen vespoids. 😀

    Dragonwood lance? Gunlance? :S

  10. Hello shimmer nice vid :D.I was wondering is it hard to get the lance?coz i really like to try on HR7 plessy but i dont know if the lance is hard to get.Will dragonwood lance will do the job?

  11. ah ok dark.. ive seen it b4 but nvr made it..

    u kno i use to have all those things. i tried to get a ripped Unite and my memory card got corrupt n i had to start alllllll over again..

    really so poison instead of water? thx for the information btw


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