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Plesioth HR7-9

An enormous, flightless, aquatic wyvern with wings that have evolved into fins for swimming. Although superficially fish-like, they can move on land as well. Frogs are their favourite food. [Quoted from Monster List]

Plesioth is extremely vulnerable to paralysis, and poking the lower abdomen deals massive damage. Keep those in mind and you can lay flat any Plesioth in a matter of minutes. Or place a shock trap and poke it to your heart’s desire.

Removing the time I travelled to get to the area depicted in the video, the total time to kill a G-ranked Plesioth ( 7200 HP ) is less than 10min. Could be done A LOT faster though. Had I not make any reckless mistakes, placed the Shock Trap properly and Plessy stays out of the water for extended periods, it could easily get to 7-8min. Quite lazy to redo the vid… So I’l just make do with this one. 😀

Oh and since its over 10minutes , I had to cut some of the vid ( the boring scenes mainly ~ ).

Enjoy ! ~

Lance: Darkness
True Indra Helm
Rathalos Soul Mail Z
True Indra Gloves
Rathalos Soul Coil Z
True Indra Leggings

Activated Skills:
– Guard+1
– Reckless Abandon+1
– Defensive Maneuvers+1
– Survival

Very busy nowadays. Guide inevitably postponed. 🙁

1. Falco – Law of Ueki
2. Gwen Stefani – Rich

ChilledShandy ( For the awesome title page ) 😀


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  1. haha you'r tactic helped! I just pwned him with my rathalos lance ^^ thank you!

  2. godamn, i just wasted 50 minutes trying to kill green plessy hr7 solo and FAILED by time out! I was using a Golden Eclipse (fire sns).

  3. i have darkness too.. cute plessy..

  4. what is with the vespiod?

  5. lance vs gun lance what do you think guys =)

  6. kisuke…. how about u tell us ur problems in any game and we all laugh at them huh? Anyway. Great vid! u helped me believe tht hitting the belly breaks fin cuz i was denying tht for ages lol!

  7. Gave up for now, don't want to risk smashing my PSP. 😛

  8. hey! what happened to monster hunter GS naked?

  9. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for the PSP.

  10. what is the name of this game?

  11. That should work, but why Guard Inc? You can block the hip checks even without Inc~

  12. I always had trouble because I would try to fight it with longsword. With lance, it is much easier. Also, the G-rank one hits a lot harder, and I didn't have G-rank armor yet.

  13. Ah. No problem. xD I'm planning to make a better one tho', With improved tactics, and better video + audio quality. ^_^

  14. Thank You! This helped me kill plesioth!

  15. Survival is guts in Unite. 😀

  16. Thanks Kronos ! But it was quite a bad run tbqh. ChromeDeathRazor's Adrenaline+2 vs Green Plesioth is tons better ! WHoosh !! 😀

  17. Epic xDD!

  18. Hmm. I can't be sure ~ Try minegarde(dot)com. 🙂

  19. Yeah plum daimyo armor is amazing. 🙂 That's the Darkness Lance I'm using. 😀

  20. What armor and weapon if I just got HR7? I think I could get some hermitaur z or x, But what lance?

  21. No prob !! ^_^

  22. Lol I use my subscription powers very liberally 🙂 Thanks dude, I made it. I tried it out on a village plesioth and killed it in like 30 seconds. I fished him outta the water with a frog and by the time he stopped flopping and stood up he was paralyzed lol. I para-locked him lol. Besides being fun to use, it looks badass. Thanks again!

  23. The Hornetaur Lance iirc. And it is ok not to subscribe and ask questions. :/ I'm not AdmiredFob. D:

  24. subscribed….

    From which weapon does Darkness upgrade?

  25. Yay !

  26. Watch. Learn. Practice. 🙂

  27. i got mhfu on friday plesioth can put u to sleep now

  28. ahh ok i'll try killing queen vespoid and make the lance.

  29. Try aiming its belly. It does a LOT more dmg than poking at the legs. xD But still … the dmg done by turtling is kinda low. LoL… Anyways ~ MB+ , try Vespoid Queen runs. Took me a looooong time to get them too. T_T

  30. Ooops my bad dragonwood Gunlance :D…..But i tried it on him and i ran out of time.I checked the requirements of darkness you need Monster broth+ but i'm only HR7 where do i get monster broth+ so i can finish darkness 😀

  31. Well to be honest , Darkness is not really hard to get. Just catch lots of bugs from the bugtrees and kill a couple of queen vespoids. 😀

    Dragonwood lance? Gunlance? :S

  32. Hello shimmer nice vid :D.I was wondering is it hard to get the lance?coz i really like to try on HR7 plessy but i dont know if the lance is hard to get.Will dragonwood lance will do the job?

  33. No problem dood. 🙂 Thanks. ^_^

  34. cool i wasnt aware of that… i should start working on that lance than thx. ill suscribe

  35. Yup. Gravios takes HUGE amounts of dmg from poison. Around 450. 🙂

  36. ah ok dark.. ive seen it b4 but nvr made it..

    u kno i use to have all those things. i tried to get a ripped Unite and my memory card got corrupt n i had to start alllllll over again..

    really so poison instead of water? thx for the information btw

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