Playing Guitar on Black Ops 2 Ep. 26 – Video Game Themes

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  1. Who doesn't like zelda? Everyone loves zelda

  2. The Skyrim theme brought back memories

  3. When non musical people doesn't know what distortion is

  4. I can play knights of cydonia on my cello.

  5. Please do halo two

  6. Idk wether to be more upset about the flood or snow 😂

  7. 3:18. As soon as he said ‘it’s in your surroundings’, I knew it was snow rhcp


  9. Kid made fun of the guy for not knowing One by Metallica but he really couldn’t get snow by the peppers? Cmon man

  10. 9:35 now i love you even more than before! (no homo)

  11. (SNOW) HEY OHH

  12. I just wish he would have played the ark theme on his piano 😭

  13. How do they not know snow

  14. Think about it guys, dooo’s kd must be atrocious 😂

  15. SKYRIM!!!! That’s cool as F*UCK!!

  16. Its pikachu!!!


  17. the dooo's kill count on bo2 :


  18. If i meet him I'll ask him to play close bling struck

  19. I want a full cover of chop suey or Dragonborn

  20. 9:30 wish that guy would stfu 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. I knew the song but I blanked on the name, paused to think about the chili peppers songs I know then I remembered snow (hey oh)

  22. Never new that song was named snow lmao

  23. 8:05 anyone else expected him to play Floods by Pantera? I did for some reason.

  24. anyone just come back to remenise about the good old days on the doo on bo2

  25. Get a real job

  26. “Hotlinestruck thunderbling” I’m dead 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Play desperado or flamenco guitar

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