Pixel Gun 3D – Black Gun Game Challenge! (Using ALL Black Weapons)

“Pixel Gun 3D All Weapons 2019 Gameplay – All Black Weapons (Pixel Gun 3D Gun Game) Pixel Gun 3D Battle Royale Funny Moments, New Update 2019 iOS Android (No Hack 2019, Mod Menu, Mod APK) PG3D Gameplay Challenge New Guns 2019 – Best Weapons? Pocket Edition”



Hey guys!!! An hour long Pixel Gun 3D video is in store for you all today!! I decided to finally make another colored-gun game challenge today, and this one is the “Black Gun Game Challenge”! We’re using all weapons that are at least half-colored black (don’t kill me in the comments if I forgot one) and getting a kill with them all! …the trick is, nearly all my weapons are level 45 :l yeah…it’s gonna be a difficult one…

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  1. Neptune

  2. neptune

  3. Umm excavate me exxtoticgaming when I see ur load out it’s yellow and white so explain

  4. Exxotic is a noob tbh

  5. neptune

  6. Lol you sound like stamp cat

  7. Exxotic gaming can you not say god dang I’m Christian ✝️ so please don’t swear. Also I don’t have any black weapons lol and I did the challenge

  8. neptune

  9. Neptune

  10. The difference between a Pay2Win vs a Free2Play player: F2P people learn about and understand every weapon they buy. They make the best decision for a purchase because currency is rare. Pay2Wins just buy every weapon they can, and they commonly dont even know what they do. That can be infuriating. "What weapon is that?" Well you HAVE IT.

  11. R a c I s t

  12. rip exotic

  13. same

  14. I actually forgot the bug buddy existed , what have I become

  15. Is He high

  16. neptune

  17. Neptune

  18. Neptune

  19. They call it pouchung and it hbappens all over africa

  20. You got a last second kill. IT WAS A PET KILL.

  21. Ok bomer

  22. That earth spike thing is gold fever

  23. Netputun

  24. Neptune

  25. Neptune

  26. I use my mum aca

  27. Neptune

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