Patch 255: Electrophorus, Microraptor, Ammonite, Thylacoleo, & Tek Structures!


Patch 255 is another tech-focused patch introducing brand new TEK structures for Survivors to enhance their building experience, a new head and facial hair style, 30 explorer notes, plus four new creatures to discover, tame, and train as you explore the ARK.

To find out all the information on what this patch brings to ARK, check out our announcement on the Community Hub!

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  1. Yeah Thylacoleo one of my favourite creatures in the game, the other creatures aren't nice, and I absolutely hate the microraptor

  2. Thyla ( when I spell thylakoids ugh yes it turns out to be Thylakoids): kills human
    Also thyla: sees other humans uhhhhhhhh bye

  3. The update that ruined ark – the arrival of tek and as well this is rubbish the sabber tooth in North America – smiladon almost went extinct in south they reined but the terror birds killed off the smiladons in north america

  4. I remember this as one of the best and worst patches. Best because we got the thyla. Worst because of microraptors. Not as bad as purlovias though.


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