Opening Title Theme | AC4 Black Flag In-Game Soundtrack

[AC4 Sequence 2 memory 1 Lively Havana]
-No effects. Clear version. Extracted directly from the game.

AC4 All Sea Shanties:

AC4 All Tavern Songs:

AC4 All Ambient & Cutscene music:

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  1. 0:31

  2. As soon as I heard this


  3. i don't care what people say about how good or nostalgic AC2 is AC4 black flag is the
    best AC ever made

  4. 4 Templars disliked this video.

  5. My fatass miss this part because I was too busy eating

  6. You’re a natural sailor, Duncan.

  7. Damn the nostalgia.. I absolutely love this game and the music.. The best game of Assassins creed ❤

  8. How do you extract the soundtrack from the game? I doubt it will be as easy as opening the source file as raw since it would likely be compressed & encrypted



  11. I miss the old Ac days 😔

  12. The best AC ever created

  13. goosebumps… every bloody time

  14. Amazing music ❤❤❤

  15. The intro itself is just so good. I just keep watching it again

  16. I want a longer version of this

  17. The person that disliked this did it on purpose to be the first dislike…

  18. I miss true AC's. Thèse FarCry wannabes are a shame

  19. Spanish sound.

  20. You know guys, when i played the game and got this cinematic, somehow i knew, that this game will leave an impact on me.
    I knew that something great, a great adventure is beginning here.

    You know, this is why i love video games. Because of these gems like Black flag. The atmosphere, the feeling this game constantly gives you is something everyone experiences, and it's unique for each of us.
    This is when i hate, that many people (like my girlfriend, my parents) will never experience this feeling, because they're not interested in video games. They think it's just games are just stupid and stuff. And no matter how much i try to explain to them, that games like this are a journey, a film, an experience like no other, i can't convince them…

  21. That person who disliked is a spanish

  22. I was part of the QA team for this game, I had to play the game every day over and over, but I can say that this opening still gets me even to this day.

  23. Hey Oy . Man please " Why rom always gone " .

  24. WHO LIKES THIS? HIT=like

  25. And this is where my Assassin's creed journey begun

  26. I use it while morning running…….

  27. My favorite game

  28. 0 dislikes

  29. I'm so old

  30. Priceless

  31. Aaah the nostalgia

  32. Fun fact black flag has the biggest map in ac history yet

  33. This means assassin's Creed invasion of Americans by the Spanish conquistadors

  34. At this moment I knew that I was going to be a part of something special

  35. 1 dislike is from a fuckin templars

  36. that one dislike is from sage.

  37. Every time I play this game I will yell yo ho ho me hearties

  38. BEST GAME EVER 10/10 EVEN STILL IN 2019!!!

  39. I need a one hour version

  40. Why can't I find this song in the soundtrack?


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