OLD BO3 PLAYER REACTS TO THE GAME NOW! (Facecam Black Ops 3 Funny Moments) New Weapons! – MatMicMar


This is my first facecam video and it is with JoePowerIV and MatMicMar’s Bro. JoePowerIV hasn’t seen any of the new DLC weapons, camos, gear or maps since the last Call of Duty came out. In this video I go through and get his reactions to everything that is new in Black Ops 3. New DLC weapons came out on Black Ops 3 just a few days ago. I got all of the new DLC weapons. I got the KVK 99M (AN-94), MAX-GL (China Lake), the new camo (Cherry Fizz), and most of the new gear sets. I will also be getting both of the new weapons Dark Matter soon for Road To Dark Matter part 11. I hope that you guys this video!

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  1. Wow it’s 2020 and I’m really watching ur videos again they’re so entertaining ur such a great YouTuber incredible content and u should play it again for a video


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