Nokia 2720 Flip 4G black unboxing and camera, game tested

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Nokia 2720 4G Flip that you are watching is officially sold in Vietnam market, other markets I do not know, thank you for watching this video.
Nokia 5310 (2020) unboxing:
Nokia 150 (2020) Black color unboxing:
Nokia 5310 (2020) Dual Speakers and Equaliser tested:
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Nokia 2720 Flip 4G | WhatsApp test:
Nokia 2720 Flip 4G | Internet connection sharing:
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Nokia 800 Tough black unboxing:
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Nokia 210 Charcoal color and Test games:
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Nokia E63 white color:
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Nokia E72 Metal Grey, Topaz Brown and Amethyst Purple color:


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Dan Hauer (Daniel Hauer ) Mỉa Mai Xúc Phạm Đại Tướng Võ Nguyên Giáp

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  1. Nokia 2720 4G Flip that you are watching is officially sold in Vietnam market, other markets I do not know, thank you for watching this video. Please visit

  2. I am buy now… thanks to look me i buy it now new touch phone. Now i am buy this phone

  3. I'm a kid and I have this phone in 2020 XD

  4. Good for you

  5. Does this phone have Google playstore?

  6. 3.57 keliatan begonya. Uda tau batrei belum dipasang eh di tekan tombol powernya😁😁

  7. I wanna get it, I'm just afraid that it won't be enough to funcionate properly in society, but I hate smartphones. So I rather have this phone and do worse in life, than depend on having a smartphone. Ima get it and be unorthodox.

  8. nah it does not have trackpad

  9. Yo pensé que tenía una agarradera 🙁

  10. Im sad because mom bought me samsung s20, not this phone 🙁

  11. I am now using this flip phone. But cannot find the clipboard. Please advise how to get it. Thanks.

  12. Porn background music

  13. Friend could you give me or give away that nokia 2720 flip phone, what happens is that I live in Mexico and they do not sell that phone here and I have searched for it for a whole year and my parents do not let me spend on the internet, I hope you read my comment and I fulfill one of my dreams

  14. I need old model of this cellphone anyone has it please reply

  15. Did he just tap the screen? 😂

  16. I love it! Very a good phone!

  17. What's the background music at 7:20

  18. Nokia folding mobile c2

  19. The phone looks nice, but its super slow. Its boring. U can cope with it if you like speedy navigation

  20. Will this phone work in the US ?

  21. does it have hotspot?

  22. How much it's price in BDT?

  23. I have a iPhone XS and my carrier is offering this phone for 10$. I want to end the call like a boss.
    I think its worth it.

  24. I would like to add that even the heavy operating system for function is not easy we will all be happy to improve and upgradeVery slow device and stuck a lot and there are no software updates to fix and fix all the problems really pity I paid a lot of money and in the end what I get is please do an update to fix things and all the bugs

  25. Does anybody know the music playing in this video? Give me a link or something! It’s sounds so catchy and cool and relaxing.

  26. Absolutely useless phone!

  27. It's finally on Amazon people.

  28. How to buy?

  29. Are limba Română acest telefon?

  30. what's with the 80s porn music in the background?

  31. Let's get this channel 200k subs

  32. Can you install instagram?

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