NOGLA vs THE GROUP! – Black Ops 2 Gun Game (Funny Moments)

NOGLA vs THE GROUP! – Black Ops 2 Gun Game (Funny Moments)
Thanks for watching and I hope ye enjoyed the video ^_^

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  1. Marcel scream sounds like from Tom&Jerry scream

  2. "Kore ga requiem… da"

  3. Fucking beast

  4. He put marcel top of the description for that.

  5. Nogla has one thing that is god and that is playing gun game

  6. Noglas a fucking beast bro

  7. 7:27 😭💀

  8. Who else came back for a nostalgia trip?

  9. Wildcat is such a cry baby whenever he doesnt win

  10. And of course, Marcel is in the top of the description…

  11. 7:25 11 year olds on Xbox live be like

  12. Best recommendation from yt ever.

  13. 2020 anyone?right after his newest video

  14. 7:25 how did this not make it into the other videos and only nogla’s

  15. Me in 2020

  16. Nogla has an all time N-word pass because of his girl!
    Now it all makes more sense!
    100 IQ NOGLA!

  17. Nogla with the pro strats

  18. 3:13 WHAAAAT?!!

  19. here's the thing I don't get why people get mad at no-go for saying I accidentally Tyler at you said on purpose before

  20. 7:26

  21. What 2020 anyone? BUT WHAT DID HE SAY 7:27

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