Ninja Gaiden 2 Movie/Game HD (Part 1) [Return of the Black Spider Ninjas]


(NOTE: Brief Nudity Warning Pertains to Part 11)

Yes fans, This is my ninja gaiden 2 gameplay edited in a “movie” form once again. Just like NGB, this is only for recreational and fun purposes ONLY..nothing else. I assure you guys will have a blast with these 15 part videos. Enjoy!

Part 1: Ryu is back on another ninja adventure..this time he’s on a mission to find out about the mysterious Arch-Fiend..Lord of all Fiends. Sonia, a Member of the CIA has some business with Ryu and is looking for him. Muramasa, the old antique shopowner gets a visit from her in hopes of him knowing Ryu’s whereabouts…but they soon get some unwelcomed guests.


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  1. Sweet, I remember watching the first movie years ago, hopefully this one is just as good. This is in HD so that's a plus.

  2. @shark3347 when u signed in you should've seen on your front page that i uploaded a new video…unless you didn't set it like that. but its cool.

  3. OK. If anybody has problems viewing these videos let me know. I realise the views are rising but only for this one and part 15. Ha…either the interest is in these videos or bcuz its in HD it takes 4ever to load. plz let me know whats up if you have a problem.

  4. @gtmsnba13 @gtmsnba13 Thanks man. I tried my best to top the first one. although alittle dissapointed with the automated copyright software on youtube..WMG keeps muting my audio for part 15 so I had no choice but to put in music from the game for a sweet ending I had planned…but still looks good i guess.


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