New Turtle Wax Ceramic Acrylic Black Polish and Black Wax! Game Changer for Black Car Owners!


In this video we will take a look at the new Acrylic Black Polish and Black Wax from Turtle Wax. The video is a little longer then normal but I will be showing how to use the Black Polish by hand and machine and the results you can get. The Acrylic Black Spray Wax we will also use on paint and plastic trim. The Black Wax caught me off guard and in my mind is a game changer for black car owners. You can quickly enhance your paint, trim and wheels with minimal effort and the hydrophobic’s are insane. Both products sheet water like crazy but the black wax creates beads inside beads. You have to see it to believe it. I hope you enjoy this slightly longer then normal video.

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You can find both these products in my Amazon store. Here is the link:

Turtle Wax Black Polish:

Turtle Wax Black Wax:

They sell a 5.5 inch kit and a 6.5 inch kit like I used in the video. Here is the link to the 5.5 inch kit:


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  1. Awesome video bro! I can't wait to test those too! Oh, and you're getting closer and closer to 20K subs! AWESOME! Stay safe!

  2. Ceramic Black Polish and Ceramic Black Wax are products I would love to win for both my black x3 and my daughter's black G37x!

    For content sake I will mention that the metal flake in your demo panel makes the swirl before/after mire difficult to see because it is so distracting LOL.

  3. Excellent video once again. I have a 96 Ford SVT Cobra 🐍 Black with VGC OEM paint. I own the TW Hybrid Polish & Wax and also the TW Hybrid Spray Coating. I’m currently using them on my Wife’s silver/ grey 2011 Nissan Murano. Results so Far are exceptional.

    It takes me 2-3 days to fully correct & protect a vehicle due to 4 spine surgeries. The Cobra’s a garage queen used for Sunny Days & Shows

    Would I be better off buying the black versions for my Cobra or use what I have for this summer? Will the Black versions make a significant WoW factor over the standard Hybrid Pair? I will be
    Performing a quality Wash, Clay Mitt, wash, Meguiar’s 205, 105 if necessary, wash, IPA, then the TW Hybrid Plus Polish & Wax, followed by Spray Hybrid Coating after 24 hours cute. Thanks in advance for any advice. Dave.

  4. Ceramic black wax, is the rejuvenation my Galaxy black Nissan Armada needs to get back to showroom finish. AWESOME video….

  5. Turtle Wax has gone out of its way to piss off Australians on the release of its products here. The Australian sales and PR departments are absolute BS.

  6. Ceramic black wax looks amazing! That’s pretty freaking awesome! I just bought a Dodge Charger black and it has a few scratches.

  7. Very interessting video. Is the Turtle Wax Ceramic Acrylic Black Polish and Black Wax! only usable om black cars, or can it be used on (dark)grey painted cars? And is it available in The Netherlands?

  8. On a newer vehicle with 17k miles would you recommend using the polish or go straight to the wax? I know there are variables.

  9. Bro amazing video. Very very thanks!
    But a little suggestions;
    -You should write small papers to clarify areas easily: "polish with hand / polish with machine/ no product" to watch speedy
    – You should use IPA after polish areas. In this way we could learn "Is this product polisher or hider (filler)"

    But good video…

  10. I can't wait to use turtle wax's The Ceramic Black Polish and Wax on my 2013 Ram truck. Can anyone let me know where one can purchase one of these kits complete with towels and pads? Nice job on the video, sleeping shorts and


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