New "STOCKPILE" Game Mode in Black Ops 3!

Free Run looks awesome to me! What do you guys think?
● New “FREE RUN” Mode Gameplay in BO3:
● Search and Rescue is back in Black Ops 3!

In-game sounds here:

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  1. Thats fracture

  2. Stockpile: AKA Fracture Who's here now?

  3. Lol this was never in BO3

  4. Sooo… Where are Stockpile and Old school mode?

  5. That's sounds like fun

  6. Fun theory:
    What if it's a cross between hard point and kill confirmed? If the "zones" come and go they'd be like the zones in hard point but you need to deliver tags to the zones instead of just fighting to keep control of them? It would be fun if it's like that

  7. wth tim in the beginning you being own over and over again and than you switch the video into different gameplay lol

  8. Kinda like Blood Money from Battlefield Hardline

  9. Its just grind from ghost that sucks

  10. So many game modes!!! Hype is still real!!!

  11. Is it just me or does else anyone think that TmarTn deserves more than just under 3 million subscribers? I feel like if I knew nothing about TmarTn and someone showed me one of his videos and they asked me how many subscribers I think he has, I would have said 10 million or more. You're an awesome YouTuber TmarTn. Keep up the good work!

  12. I will like it a lot

  13. Is there going to be "leaning" in BO3?

  14. Reinforced game mode would be good

  15. Soundcloud won't let me listen to them 🙁

  16. Reinforce from Ghosts please!!!

  17. It should be burden right!

  18. Bring back drop zone..

  19. "leaked" lol

  20. So it´s Bloodmoney from BFHardline? How fresh!

  21. there problem with all these modes is there will be too many players slpit across too many Playlist

  22. That ghosts gameplay took me back to the good old days

  23. Does the Locust have irons?

  24. Im so hyped for BO3 but i dont want Anything Ghosts near this game. Ghosts was completely trash


  26. I was going to click that soundcloud link but I bet its just TmarTn trying to show off his new rap mixtape

  27. I swear if they won't buff snipers before the release of bo3 Vonderhaar gonna have an unfortunate accident…

  28. Their just adding every thing

  29. COD ghosts is coming back to haunt us😁😁 see what I did there ok I'm logging off now

  30. Sounds like blood money. Core has multiple deposit points so you can store them. Hardcore has only one deposit point so its harder if the enemy knows where it is and you can camp at the deposit point and kind of take over

  31. black ops 3 is just as Ghost because look at the movements (except thrust jump) and the game modes, BO3 is just a modified version of Ghost 😛

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