[ Mystery Case Files: Black Crown ] Hidden Object Game (Full playthrough)


♥ Intro animation by Katilio

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Hướng Dẫn Tự Tập Trượt Patin đúng cách cho người mới cực dễ và An Toàn

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  1. Bought my first HoG thanks to this video. I've been missing out.

  2. I always pack at least a week before any trip so I don't have to stress

  3. Holy shit she looks like Yennefer!

  4. 2:46:52 I'm a bad bitch you can't kill me!

  5. Gab, you should come play Dire Grove or the ravenhearst ones. They are my favorites & FMV which made them great until the went back to animation style. You’d be my Shero if you could play Oregon Trail 3. It’s FMV & the best in the series!~! 🥰🥰

  6. I absolutely love watching you play, especially HOG-type games. I used to be good at things like these, but being able to watch you play and interact with everyone is even better. I enjoyed this one WAY MORE than the latest Nancy Drew, even with cameos from The Hardy Boys, all of which I used to love reading growing up (we weren't allowed electronics, for the most part).

    You are fantastic at what you do, with an endearing, engaging ability that pulls me along with you, making me want to smile and laugh as much as you do. My life hasn't been very easy for a long time, so I treasure these times and those who bring out lightheartedness, laughter, and enjoyment in something that pulls me out of the ever-present focus of my ill health.

    Thank you for all you do; you've definitely earned a fan for life. (Though I'm not able to watch Twitch very often due to living in the middle of nowhere, I'll be watching what you have to offer here on YouTube as often as I can!) Keep up your bright, engaging, funny adventures (even through horror games 😍)! 😊💜

  7. I'm so last minute on my travels too! LOL! I pack on the day I leave all the time.

  8. Why collectible crabs?

  9. Gab: there's afoot
    me: ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    Gab: Foot

  10. I think the shears are on the side of the chest

  11. Also, perhaps the captain should have considered things a bit more carefully instead of picking a bunch of folks with mental conditions that were severe enough to require permanent confinement to act as his new crew.

  12. 10:00 – "Where is that ticking coming from?"
    Inspector Clouseau: "A bomb, were you expecting one?"
    Gab: "A BOMB!"
    So the answer, apparently was yes. 🙂

  13. I love these games, BUT I wish you could re-use some items or at least keep it. Like scissors, knifes, oil and so on. Sometimes you need to cut so many things and for every thing you need a new item

  14. amazing puzzle gab you're so great

  15. Such nostalgia, I used to play Mystery Case Files on my grandma’s computer!

  16. What is the game called your playing Gab Smolders?

  17. I resubed

  18. Does this seriously go on for 3 hours?

  19. on the 18th is my moms birthday.

  20. BrownieCrowne

  21. When is Song of Horror Epsiode 3 coming out?

  22. I love these videos so much!! Thank you gab so much for playing these types of games!!

  23. There are so many amazing HOG games. I love it when you play them!!
    Have you ever played the Living Legends or Dark Parables series? Living Legends: Frozen Beauty and Living Legends: Ice Rose as well as Dark Parables: Final Cinderella are so good. You should check them out sometime.

  24. Automatic like

  25. Loved this gameplay! And you gotta play the bonus chapter soon- it actually is closer to the original game and you get to see a returning character (as well as visit a few scenes that you definitely know well!) 💕

  26. Lol is not a butt is the letter w in Greek alphabet 😂😂😂

  27. I LOVE Fantasmagoria, if you play that I'll definitely be watching your stream!

  28. Christmas hog please

  29. Lookin like a snack in that thumbnail, Gang Gang

  30. The little random interactions with your cat are among the things that give your streams really good vibes. I rarely watch streamers but there's something about you that feels spontaneous, sweet and natural. Your mood is contagious and you have an elegant energy.

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