MY FIRST CALL OF DUTY GAME IN OVER A YEAR! (Black Ops 3) – Drop a like & comment to let me know if you’re still around, the videos will get better and better as I get back into making them. I’ve got about 15 videos already made and ready to upload and I’m almost back to my old self at Call of Duty! 🙂
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  1. Wow Amazing Video I hope to See more from you shortly!! I Can Tell you put time into The Video! Keep up the Amazing Work!

  2. Welcome fucking back

  3. where is black smurf

  4. You're back 🙂

  5. Oh my gob you are back!!

  6. glad to see you back I remember the mw3 days

  7. live coms with iTemp/rich and the rest of the old overpowered clan

  8. Do you play on a scuf controller?

  9. Been to long Insomulus… Its been too long…

  10. Wat uthink About the target assist and aim assist in bo3? I mean ik udont play no aim assist on the Xbox bro

  11. are you back or you not going to be active..?

  12. Still watching my friend!:)

  13. Eeyy welcome back man!

  14. Yo bro we used to play together in bo1 demolition good to see ur back at it

  15. Joe! Welcome back man! Missed your content!

  16. I've missed your videos. Glad to see that you're back!!

  17. Glad to see ya upload again 🙂

  18. how did he manage to have kinetic armor as specialist on his first match of black ops 3? I thought only one unlocked at first is vision pulse / sparrow

  19. Insomulus here, back with another video.

  20. Welcome back

  21. Insomulus casually dropping the Superstar challenge in his first game when I still haven't got it after 8th prestige smh……

  22. I think you're the only actually gaming youtuber that their voice matches how they look like.

  23. fucking yes insomulus so good to have you back man
    will you be streaming aswell

  24. Omg you're back 😭

  25. It's great to you see you back insomulus, I'm excited for more videos from you 😊

  26. have fun playing some cod !! 😀

  27. Bruh how does this guy not play for over a year but first day back gets a better k.D than me 😭😭

  28. Le Grand retour merci Insomulus😉

  29. Nigga

  30. Yes bruv, nice to have you back please keep uploading as I can't wait to see some COD4 videos in November!

  31. Nice video homie

  32. Been watching you since the very beginning, good to see you back 😛

  33. "That was not to bad"

  34. yesssssss

  35. Play overwatch!

  36. You are back?!?! 😵😬

  37. Glad you're back dude

  38. miss you…

  39. YAY the comeback 🙂

  40. good to see your finally back bro

  41. bruh insomulus uploaded call of duty what is this

  42. this is weird.

  43. Oh shit, Welcome Back!

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