My Best Game Ever 176 K*LLS! "VESPER" Class Setup (Black Ops 3) w/ TheMarkOfJ


The two video at the end if you don’t see the annotations:

The Team:
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  1. MOJ you coming back next vod

  2. Who else watching this in June 2020

  3. Miss u man

  4. This video makes me sad… I want this game to be the newest cod again

  5. Markofj untiltable

  6. 2020

  7. Damn even YouTube recommending this in 2020 cos MW is trash lol I’m just reminiscing the old days

  8. 2020?

  9. Damn. This is some next level nostalgia, bo3 and j, I miss them both

  10. If this guy started playing COD Mobile, all Mobile players will go back to Temple Run 😂😂😂😂

  11. Who still watching in 2020 bro your a legend #ripkobe

  12. 2020 anyone!?

  13. Is it just me or does his voice sound like donkey from shrek

  14. 2020

  15. Going back and watching these videos make me wanna play this game again. This cod is probably the most underrated call of duty there is and it’s sad

  16. Haha yh they got it 😂😂

  17. And then there’s mw…

  18. how Looks the Pack? i want to Copy this Pack

  19. Back because I need to see this again lol

  20. Some light weight camping going on but still imptessive.

  21. U are black ops beast

  22. What's up boss

  23. Miss these bo3 videos.. always entertaining

  24. Who’s watching in 2019 wondering why J sabotaged his YouTube career.

  25. Why in the tittle you said k*lls dumbheaddd

  26. Lol Whoever what saying about the 100# kills on safeguard is easy lol I try to do it but couldn’t do it, btw I totally omit the killstreaks fact, that in order to a gamer to reach that amount of kills 176 on safeguard without using killstreaks the entire game is INSANE + not easy to do
    Please excuse my English.

  27. Like if 2019

  28. Dont nobody want me on Multiplayer I been watching Markofj all week straight!

  29. Damn, where's is there a update he's needed to get nerfed in black ops

  30. Most underrated COD😪

  31. 2018?

  32. Join the marines dude.

  33. Love the gun

  34. Funny how this is probably one of his worst games I’ve seen. Which makes it even crazier

  35. crazy kills this is wild please check me out

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