MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G Overclocking and Gaming App

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With the GTX 960 Gaming 2G, MSI is spinning nVidia’s latest mainstream powerhouse with their own unique touches. Not content with reference design, MSI uses an in-house designed PCB on the GTX 960 Gaming G2 featuring all Military Class 4 components including Hi-C Caps and Super Ferrite Chokes for increased longevity with decreased generated heat, and gives the base clock a healthy OC.

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Sitting atop the PCB is MSI’s newest Twin Frozr incarnation, the Twin Frozer V. The Twin Frozr V utilizes the Torx fan concept, with two distinctly different fan blades on each fan. One set of blades is optimized for downward pressure, the other for dispersion. When combined, air circulation is maximized where it is most effective. To keep noise to a minimum, the fans are set to remain idle until the GPU reaches 60C, making for absolutely silent operation in all but the most demanding conditions. With a fin array using SuperSU heatpipes, the excellent passive cooling capabilities of the Twin Frozr V keeps fan usage to an absolute minimum. MSI’s Gaming app is included for one click noise/performance settings, as well as adjustments to reduce eye strain and make colors more vibrant. The GTX 960 Gaming 2G is fully compatible with MSI’s After Burner for more advanced overclocks and tweaking.

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  1. 1 got the 4g version of it and I run stable at +400 memory clock 😛 no changes in core voltage 🙂

  2. msi gaming app download link please i tried many gaming app but no one is working.

  3. I got a core clock to 300+ and memory clock to 553+. Its running around 1670 mhz

  4. i got +20 fps on Black ops 3 maxed out (60-65 > 80)

  5. I must admit its the best video card for the money you can find, this is an awesome card since in most cases you can't even hear the fans running

  6. Hello mate, I have a ASUS Strix oc edition gtx 960 2gb , and I DONT want to play with the power limit and that stuff, whats the recommended "+" settings I should go for? If I put +50 in the core and +100 in the memory I get like 3 fps boost, almost nothing. Thanks!

  7. I got the core voltage to unlock you just need to go into the afterburner cfg and put in the eula

  8. Do I have to have an Msi motherboard to do this?
    Also do I need to upgrade my fan to do this?

  9. is it the same settings with a 4G?!

  10. my setup is amd 8350 @5.5ghz 4×8 gb vengeance 2100 mhz overclock to cl8 bus speed @ 3000 motherboard asus sabertooth 990fx 2.0 5 × kingstone ssdnow raid 10 graphic msi 960 gaming g2 psu antec 800 watt

  11. Btw max clock i reached with out artifact is 1679mhz on gpu and 3745 mhz on the ram. with 105% power consumption

  12. dude you are overpowering the card! I have the same card and i pushed out 1545 mhz cpu clock and raised the ram with 210 mhz run valley benck for more then 2 hours card is stable. I DINT PUT EXTRA POWER ON IT. on your way you going to fuck up the card

  13. hello sir i wanna know can it work with msi 760 gm p33 motherboard ???? i h ave a fairly decent cooling system and space in my cabinet and a decent psu also ….

  14. is just amazing i just bough gtx 960 very nice graphics card amazing 😀 by the way man can you answer me if i do same as you do i will put my card in danger?

  15. Can I use those settings if I dont have any other fans than normal ones. 😀

  16. Ich arbeite mit dem MSI Afterburner. Habe die MSI GTX960 mit 2GB VRAM. SO Der support hatte mir einen Link zu diesem Video geschickt. Dabei hieß es ich solle die Grafikkarte auf max. 1200MHz rauf ziehen. Jetzt habe ich es nach dem Video gemacht und bei der Leistung steht bei mir jetzt im raster bis max. 1500Mhz und die Linie ist bei 1524MHz. Was genau ist schief gelaufen? Einstellungen sind wie bei dir. Es ist 24Mhz über dem Max. Wert. Und 324 über dem Wert der mir vom Support empfohlen wurde

  17. mine is unlocked…

  18. The gaming app wont work for me it tells me i have not that support or something. And i have the MSI GTX 960 2gb card.

  19. anyone looking for a nice 960 card the msi 960 4gb is much better and runs anything i hav thrown at it

  20. My MSI GTX960 ARMOR 2X 2GB
    CORE: +150MHZ
    MEMORY: + 350MHZ
    POWER LIMIT: 108%

    ASIC 89,3%.

  21. bad settings
    the game crashed 3 times

  22. I'm new to overclocking and I'm wondering the pros and cons about it I have a gtx 960 4gb and 16gigs of ram, Thanks 🙂

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