MSI GeForce GTX 960 Gaming 2G Graphics Card Review & Benchmarks


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Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 970 drastically changed the landscape of high-end PC gaming, providing a massive amount of performance with fantastic TDP, it essentially made Nvidia’s own Kepler lineup obsolete and competed against AMD’s R9 290X, albeit with better TDP performance. While the card is still tremendous value, at over $350 dollars (about £250) it’s still quite the investment for many gamer’s. Enter the GeForce GTX 960, which Nvidia released to try and claim the £150 market sweet spot.

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  1. The below £150 market is very good now with this and the 2gb R9 380 but how good are these cards going to be going forward. I would just spend the extra and get the 4gb version of this or the R9 380 you can get the 4gb 960 for £164.99 thats not bad price.

  2. I'm running dual gtx 960 ssc on my rig each with 4gb of memory on a rig powered by a 4690k stock speeds, a 25 MHz gpu boost on each card along with a ram boost of 225 MHz. These two cards really brought my system back to life since I used to run dual gtx 460s. On unreals kite demo, I get around 26 fps average

  3. The stutters on the 285 at 6:15 look kinda artificial. I'm not saying it's been edited that on purpose but the game definitely doesn't run that stuttery on my machine. I'm using r9 280 which has 33% more memory and unless the 285 is running out of vram, the stuttering should not be there even with my slightly older card. I'm currently an AMD graphics user but not a fan boy by any means. I get whatever is in the sweet spot at the time of purchase, I could have easily gone with 760 for the same money (back then) but the 280 gave me higher frame rates AND was cheaper then. 
    Also notice stutters on the 285 screen pretty much throughout even on mantle which is weird. Just my 2 pennies.

  4. You should have gotten a 970 or at least the 4 GB 960.  960s are really 1080 only cards and not even worth SLI because of the way they are limited.

    Spend the extra $110 and get a 970 to anyone watching.  Spare me the R9 390 comments as AMD will likely be out of business soon.

  5. Hey Red tech gaming , im a bit confused in my pc build . my budget is 800$ , should i buy gtx 960 4G instead of 970 ,and take i7 4790 with that . plz help

    Nice video by the way 🙂


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