MSI AMD R7 370 2G Full Review and Benchmark (+GIVEAWAY) (60FPS Video)


My review of the newest GPU from AMD. This is the MSI R7 370 2G Gaming Edition. 🙂


Thank you MSI Philippines and MSI Global for this super awesome little dragon. 🙂

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MSI R7 370 2G Gaming Edition features :

MSI GAMING Graphics Cards give you more performance out of the box. Whether you use the card pre-overclocked or use the Gaming App to use its full potential, you can just get right into the game and enjoy sublime performance. Overclocking through the MSI Gaming App is covered by warranty to take away your worries. Get in there and start winning!

With every new generation of GPUs comes more performance. With every new generation of MSI Twin Frozr we give you less noise and heat!. We’ve listened to all your requests and the new Twin Frozr V is smaller, features stronger fans, generates less noise, keeps your graphics card and its components cooler and matches perfectly with your MSI GAMING motherboard including some funky LED lightning. We’ve spent 18 months on the development of the Twin Frozr V, including field testing in gaming cafés to ensure the cards have the quality and stability to give you the FPS you need.

Airflow Diagram :
Advanced Dispersion Blade design generates 19% more airflow without increasing drag for supreme silent performance.

SuperSU Pipe :
Enhanced dissipation efficiency SuperSU Architecture is the best cooling solution for graphics cards. The GPU is cooled by a massive nickel-plated copper base plate connected to Super Pipes (8mm heat pipes) on the MSI GAMING series graphics card. Additionally, the new heat pipe layout increases efficiency by reducing the length of unused heat pipe and a special SU-form design.

Zero Frozr :
Smart cooling, stay quiet.
MSI’s Twin Frozr V Thermal Designs are equipped with ZeroFrozr technology which was first introduced by MSI back in 2008. ZeroFrozr technology eliminates fan noise in low-load situations by stopping the fans when they are not needed. Compared to other graphics cards, there is no continuous hum of airflow to tell you there’s a powerful graphics card in your gaming rig.

Catching the Vibe with Cool LED Effects :
Featuring a premium LED illuminated MSI GAMING Dragon to lighten the mood. This brand new function allows you to choose from 5 unique modes to set the right ambience for your gaming moments with just one click.

One of the deciding factors in performance is the quality of the components used.

MSI Gaming App :
The latest version of the MSI Gaming App is expanded with MSI Scenamax technology (under the EyeRest tab) to provide you easy access to image quality improving technology in the easy comfort of the MSI Gaming App.

More info about the GPU :

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AMD MSI R7 370 2G Full Review and Benchmark (+GIVEAWAY) (60FPS Video)

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  1. I Have Dell Optiplex 780 and processor is Core2Quad And Mother Board Is 0C27VV Can If Run This Card In This Pc Please Answer Immediately.

  2. I Have Dell Optiplex 780 and processor is Core2Quad And Mother Board Is 0C27VV Can If Run This Card In This Pc Please Answer Immediately

  3. someone know how many fps maxed out sc2: legacy of the void and wow: legion? cpu is 8320e and 8gb ddr3 cheers from germany

  4. well damn this is impressive. but i have a AMD Athlon x4, 8gb ddr3 1600mhz. do you think these specs would be a bottleneck to this gpu.

  5. is this card enough for 1600×900 gaming on ultra on games such as shadow of mordor, gta v, assassin's creed unity, witcher 3, etc?

  6. I'm buying the 4gb version next year and I'm think to overclock to around 1120mhz if I can probably more.


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