MP News – Upcoming Black Ops 2 Patch To Include A New Game Mode?


We don’t know much about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 patch, but according to previous statements by Treyarch’s Game Design Director, it wouldn’t be surprising if it were to include a brand new game mode. Dinosaur-related?

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  1. black ops 2 is trash. The lag compensation breaks this game. Compare it , and the hit registration to mw2. Its absolute trash and one of the biggest disappointments I've had in my gaming career. I got to first prestige and traded it. Back to the classics!

  2. I love gamemodes. Haha, some people want new camos, some new guns, I want more gamemodes!! Haha, would love a team mosh pit gamemode. 6v6 team tac style.


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