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Hộp Đựng Giày Trong Suốt Chống Bụi Tiện Ích

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  1. 2019?

  2. 2019.. like

  3. 2019? Anyone

  4. Am I can live to100

  5. Wunderwaffe is way more op how stupid are they?

  6. I think I hear jelly

  7. Good

  8. Nice video

  9. Kops

  10. Vanossgaming can do better than you guys

  11. 2018 anyone?

  12. when i played this i said "I wish i had a wunderwaffle"

  13. Who has zombie cronicals on Xbox one

  14. Why do you reload Every time you shoot one Bullet

  15. Haha I got it

  16. What is that green camo on jordis krm

  17. ok

  18. we need more jordie

  19. I fuckin play bo3 allday everyday im level 163 i can suvive up to round 65

  20. I just reached rank 21 by using kn-44 and hvk-100

  21. Kop 4 life

  22. You guys should do some more BO3 zombies

  23. It was actually josh who trapped them in the first ritual

  24. Why does he Sit down so weirdly

  25. Thanks i am a sub now

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