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What’s Monster Legends?
💢 Monster Legends is currently an RPG game (RolePlayingGame) created by a group named:Social Point, it has over 10 million downloads on playstore!
Breed, feed, raise and train Legendary monsters and turn them into beasts! Collect mighty monsters to uncover unique skills and boost your strategy in action packed battles. Build a world for your monsters to live, fill it with habitats and breed new species! … Monster Legends is a beast of an action game! 💢

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Welcome to my gaming life, my name is Ahmad Nabowat and I am 17 years old I make daily kid-friendly videos and I am happy that my fans enjoy my contents!

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  1. The strength tho

    Lol lol lol

  2. Which one should i use mephistos pet or Mr Beast??

  3. I think you should give him nature ambush

  4. I ran Taxus instead of sapling tears but other than that I got all the same moves

  5. Cool video

  6. What is the best rune for wyarmlad

  7. 6:35 his face though someone need to meme 6:35 though that reaction was speechless 😂😂

  8. At 2:44 too bad I'm don't gonna be getting him because I don't have the legends pass

  9. Nobody:

    Absolutely nobody:

    That one guy: hmm, strength on ragnarok is a great idea!

  10. In in p One hour

  11. i got mr. beast level 60 and i’m level 36

  12. I need a good op monster

  13. Tremur or Moonhaze?

  14. Today i started monster legends and from the legend pass, i got a mythic mr beast

  15. Don't give him strength! He's a denier


  17. I just got an eeltrons mask from 14 bronze relic chests holy crap

  18. My best monster is tayani

  19. Love ur vids man keep up the good work!!

  20. 6:36
    MG's face when he see's strength runes on Warmaster Ragnarok 😂😂😂

  21. I’m early

  22. Hi mg I luv ur vids ur da best 🤩

    I liked subbed and turned in doze post noties

  23. bro i like it❤❤❤ XUmM

  24. Keep up the great video Mg! Your one of my favorite channels!

  25. Amazing vid mg! =)

  26. Yes he’s so good

  27. mg i have Tremur to lvl 79 !!

  28. Im lvl 35 n have 8 legendarys n 2 mythics ima flex

  29. Keep up the amazing work

  30. im not early but sup mg

  31. My best monster is a lvl 45 rabies

  32. Can I get this pinned? Ur the best and no one is better than you!!!

  33. Nice

  34. Hi bro i love ur channel. I got kicked from my team and we were going to get rank 1 siamiss ( I was very active. I spent like 40 gems and still got kicked)

  35. Hi I love your video’s

  36. Hellooooo mg your the best really love your vids♥️

  37. Keep up the great work mg!

  38. Get monster gaming to 100k subs love the videos

  39. 3rd

  40. Great vid

  41. I’m first get me a shotout

  42. Very cool

  43. 3rd

  44. Nice vid keep it up

  45. Great cid

  46. Nice

  47. You suck

  48. 1st

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