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What’s Monster Legends?
💢 Monster Legends is currently an RPG game (RolePlayingGame) created by a group named:Social Point, it has over 10 million downloads on playstore!
Breed, feed, raise and train Legendary monsters and turn them into beasts! Collect mighty monsters to uncover unique skills and boost your strategy in action packed battles. Build a world for your monsters to live, fill it with habitats and breed new species! … Monster Legends is a beast of an action game! 💢

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Welcome to my gaming life, my name is Ahmad Nabowat and I am 16 years old I make daily kid-friendly videos and I am happy that my fans enjoy my contents!

Still looking through the description now? ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


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  1. Hello Monster Gaming You’re my idol💛🥺

  2. Rara avis is my first mythical monster

  3. I have 64 million

  4. How is his baby account still better than mine..

  5. I am a free to play player who has been playing for two years and doesn't have a single mythic. 😔

  6. Amazing video, and amazing commentary. Deserves a sub! 🙂

  7. How do u get so much coins and so much exp for lvls

  8. I’m about to get my first mythic Moonhaze

  9. How do you get fricking fliploch

  10. I wanna be like u

  11. Finally 😂

  12. Aalready 3 or more legendsries??? At level 33 I'm lvl 31 with one legendary.. Man ur lucky

  13. Can you make new 2 day challenge ? I am still confused to pick

  14. I wanted to know if you could give me anything im new and it is hard to lvl up and progres

  15. And buy the firesaur over and over till you get all the eggs in the tales challenge, it is easier than waiting for you thunder birds to breed

  16. Did you know you can hatch more eggs faster to get the eggs in the tales challenge by just going and buying the firesaur for 100 gold and also I watch all your videos I love them

  17. I just got wrymlad completely f2p and best of all I have armor clae

  18. Hi I got rabies I love ur vids ur a pro at monster legends

  19. Hey monster gaming, i think you can breed blob using fliploch and drop elemental

  20. Rune glamhead with all speed

  21. Hi monster gaming I love you’re content keep it up

  22. What's your team?

  23. Hey monster I’m a big fan and can you friend me if that’s fine with you? Oh and you make amazing content

  24. Can you add me my username is Billie21 plzz

  25. There were 5 mins left and I got 500 chalange coins but missed the event

  26. U should try some other game like fortnite u can blow up not saying 50k isn’t a lot


  28. Hi big fan I'm subscribed I sent a friend request in your live streams but you ignored it 🙁 😓😢

  29. 289 Jems Quick Maths😂😂Love your Vids Monster Gaming Keep up doing those vids

  30. My second egg is hatching now

  31. I need help…I got the new mythic in the breeding event twice

  32. I got myself wyrmlad im so happy and i have daedalus hatching my account is doing amazing

  33. Gets 3 runes unlocked while I get 1

  34. Who else loves the name 'yilitre'

  35. I just got my third mythic

  36. Monster fell for C.Y.M.O mega move 🙂

  37. I got him too

  38. Got him pretty easily he is a good monster and i wanna do a defense team of him Lamia and Wyrmlad trying to get some high speed lvl runes what i want to do is one team speed rune and 2 speed rune,what do you think about that ?
    He will be my cooldown activator for enemy and remove cooldowns from an ally keeping Wyrmlad at lvl 100 as an attacker/supporter and Lamia as my main attacker

  39. I have 2 mythics mine are dr.wattz and tayni and im 1 challenge away from moonhaze

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