Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (“SPCCI”) is Mazda’s proprietary combustion method that enables a seamless transition between compression ignition and spark ignition.

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  1. These comments are funny. All it takes is a google search to find out that this is a great step towards a longer future for ICE's. Any innovation is better than nothing. And this is the first generation of this engine. It can only get better.

  2. Great idea pushing technology to it's limits but doubt if anyone will ever get a petrol-fueled engine to act like a diesel.

  3. I believe that mazda is using gasoline vapor or mist to compress that's why have so much efficiency and power to compare diesel engine

  4. I'm man enough to admit that I didn't understand anything in this video,
    due to lack of interest and attention. Would someone pls give me an short explanation, if it's to long I wont read it.

  5. Ok, so I initially thought this engine had two modes, diesel like (no spark) and petrol like. What I see here is just an upgrade of the spark plug, to create a small "fire ball", instead of a spark, given higher compression ratio. Interesting, but also not very revolutionary.

  6. If you're saving the world with less by-product pollution due to your revolutionary design… WHY IS IT PROPRIETARY? You should let others in on the secret or your just spitting into the wind.

  7. マツダは水素エンジンも本気で取り組んできたけど、その早すぎる燃焼伝搬速度の抑制ロジックから学びを得たと見た。

  8. …Saludos a todos, ha sido un excelente Video para un Mazda 3 BK 2.0 Sportive 2004 150 CV Manual Gasolina, yo tengo uno como Propietario y en 11 años sin fallas ni tampoco visito talleres solo para el cambio de lo gastable y revisiones por Ley, por eso Mazda es todo una fiabilidad y una satisfacción poseerlo, ahora pasará a uno de mis hijos , se pintará nuevamente y se tendrá con nuevos neumáticos y este detalle de hacerlo pues los contactos del Selector de ventilador quiero revisarlo y limpiarlo, en fin a estos Mazda solo echarle gasolina y cuidarlos bien no dan fallos y son excelentes máquinas en todo; gracias a esa mano japonesa, ahora comprare después de estos once años con muchos viajes Galicia-Madrid en 24 horas sin fallos en absoluto con vientos y tempestades cortando los acuaplano como  todo una bestia sin parar ; imagínense ahora el NUEVO MAZDA SKYACTIV X 181CV 133KW Manual con Sistema i-Activ AWD(Tracción 4×4) con Equipamiento Zenith Safety Red y Pintura Metalizada Soul Red Crystal , solo que tenemos una Plataforma Mazda España para sugerir que la nueva NEGOCIACIÓN con Mazda Japan en Hiroshima tengan en cuenta que para Septiembre 2019 este Modelo Mazda Skyactiv X 2019 para España ; tenga OPCIÓN DE TECHO ELECTRICO ó TECHO DE CRISTAL, ojalá sean sensatos en esas decisiones Comerciales y de Márquetin para los USUARIOS MAZDA ESPAÑA…FELICIDADES MAZDA ; ENHORABUENA, verás que venderás mas de un millón de Unidades, solo observan al EJECUTIVO MAZDA ESPAÑA es la verdad; pues es hay buen camino  con estos años de estudios al MEJOR MOTOR DE COMBUSTION POR COMPRESIÓN EN SUS CÁMARAS EN LOS ULTIMOS TIEMPOS… Cliente Mazda siempre¡ 25 de Junio 2019.

  9. Please someone explain me. If it has a spark plug, how come that we call it compression ignition? So this engine is simply a normal gasoline engine with spark plug but with higher pressure in its chamber. Why is it so revolutionary?

  10. Had a 323 as my first car, bought with 175000km sold with 345000km and saw it again with 415000km on internet, never had any issues with it ! Mazda was a very reliable brand back at the time, dont know if it's still true at the moment with all the multi brands conceptions you know (peugeot with mazda, what a joke) 🙂

  11. If the technology is that good, and you are really willing to help the enviroment and not just to make proffits, then release the patent so everyone can use it!

  12. I think this is similar to Nissan VC-T engine but without extra compression changing mechanisms parts weight. By tuning the spark size at the right time or angle and raising compression ratio to achieve something similar to compression ratio changing things. This is brilliant.
    Correct me if i am wrong 😀


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