Marvel Studios' Black Widow | Big Game Spot


“You don’t know everything about me.” Watch the Big Game spot for Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, in theaters May 1.

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  1. I’m wondering if taskmaster is gonna talk and if so how he’s gonna sound that just weirdly popped up in my head Rn

  2. Hey if ur mad at the coronavirus for not releasing the movie you should be mad at marvel they finished the movie but because marvel just is greedy and wants money they pushed it back instead of a digital release and they finished making it so we could be watching it online rn if they wanted

  3. The BATTLE between Task Master vs . Black Widow looks so awesome and properly it's the final battle for the movie

  4. This gives me a Bourne type of vibe. Sucks that we couldn’t see it May 1st. I’ll be there opening night tho on Nov 6

  5. Hey can anyone explain me why these trailers are narrated by natasha romanoff only, does it means that may be she is alive

  6. Yo Marvel Entertainment! Hello from Papua New Guinea! If you ever want to make a Blade Part 4? I recommend Michael Jai White! There is no one better!

  7. Okay, so all these regurgitated meme comments here are really, really annoying. Like, do better people!!

  8. Oi meu nome é clara vitória, e eu quero muito trabalhar em uma serie, principalmente na disney a serie que eu mas gostei foi Descendentes , a um aviso essa foto ai não é minha se quiserem fazer um sonho de uma menina se realizar entra nesse istagran, claravitorya30 esse ai bjs espero que possam realizar meu sonho


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