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Making A Travel Video in My Backyard – A Response to Aidin Robbins


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What is /52?

Out of 52 is a video project where we create a new video every week for an entire year. Each video has no set theme, just what interests or inspires us that week. Initially, we embarked on this project to challenge ourselves creatively and develop our filmmaking skills. We understand not every video will appeal to our entire audience, but we hope you enjoy what you watch and stick around for more.

As always… we’ll see you guys next Monday!

Created by: Tommy DeWitt, Stephen & Mitchell Kucher
Music: Licensed through MusicBed

Cameras: Fuji X-T2
Mic: Rode VideoMic Pro+
Drone: DJI Phantom 4
Software: Adobe Creative Cloud

Nguồn: https://scoutdawson.com/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://scoutdawson.com/du-lich/

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  1. Please accept my challenge ( I'm using Samsung Galaxy m30 ) .. shoot vlog .. with out any gimbal or tripod ….

  2. Thats such an awesome video!! And we the situation the world is in at the moment this video has a whole different impact… Can wait to start creating my own backyard travel video, thanks guys! If you guys swing by London, give me a shout, we can create something together!

  3. Brilliant buddy!!! fab job

  4. I’m down for a colab

  5. I totaly agree!!

  6. Here's the answer: yes travel videos are ruining filmmaking

  7. Just found your channel, cool stuff. It looks like you live in Kelowna. We moved from Kelowna to Costa Rica and are now making videos here. Keep up the good work!

  8. This place looks 1000% better than my area

  9. This is such a great idea! I'm definitely gonna try this out. Or maybe I already have..? Gonna try it nonetheless!
    Thanks for the great video guys! Found your channel recently and I've really been enjoying your stuff 🙂

  10. Love the vids! Keep it up

  11. Very nice and inspiring

  12. My whole channel is small road trips LOL

  13. For the tms productions, I like to say thank you too very much for inspiring a beginner youtuber like me and any other beginner YouTuber out there to be expressive to the creation that they think about. You guys are so cool hahaha andd yeep thank you tms productions.

  14. supporting other filmmakers and inspiring smaller ones as well? love x

  15. what gimbal do you guys use?

  16. Where is the travel video?

  17. great video guys

  18. you guys will crash sam kolder

  19. Great point! a few years ago I also did a video called "Travel where you live" pointing out the same thing 🙂 I'm originally from Costa Rica so it's a bit unfair cause I actually lived on a nice place, but that video I once did was already based on Germany where I've been living for the past 4 years now and I've seen many times germans complaining about traveling in their country and they rather go other places 🙂

  20. thats amazing !!!!!!! you are the best

  21. YESS

  22. Really well done. I love the Okanogan.

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