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Make this classy razor stand by bending wood

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Bending wood is a lot easier than you think. Just cut thin strips and glue them together. This razor stand keeps my razor off the counter and looks great. More info and cutting template:


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Original Music by Per Almered. (Thank you!)

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  1. What size is those strips, 16th of a inch?

  2. I watch your videos because they inspire me, but I must say when I looked at the thumbnail, I only saw the foil part of the razor and started to think shouldn't this be for the Sophisticated lady? Lololol 😂

  3. It’s said zedbra I’m settling this war lol

  4. Extra fancy and nice steve

  5. Muito bom!
    Vou copiar!

  6. Awesome for scrap wood.

  7. harrys suck… they don't ship to countries other than the USA

  8. "Might need an additional clamp." Proceeds to attach a dozen clamps.

  9. That's just "Extra Fancy"!!

  10. you should sell these

  11. 👍⭐

  12. This is really cool. Love your channel Steve. 👍🏻

  13. do you use transparent/clear spray lacquer?

  14. Love all your videos and wish I had half the tools you have so I can give the projects a go.

  15. Protection against moisture?!


    Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of BEAUTY!

  16. great ! i work wood and straight razor shave. this'll be an awesome project in between projects, cool, thanks

  17. How thin where the strips of wood you cut.

  18. Awesome! You just gave me some great ideas! Thanks Steve!

  19. Great idea, but how do you make cutting template?

  20. Hey Steve! I don't have the tools to build this, but love the design. How much would you sell one of these for?

  21. Hey Steve
    I don't have any tools or machine to make this
    But i really am interested in This , and I'd love to own a razor stand exactly one like this
    Is there any chance that you can send it to me
    I've been a subscriber for 2 years
    Im 15 years old and I live in Australia .

  22. Waw ! Just Waw ! but i always get kinda bad feeling about wood glue…

  23. Muziek

  24. Hey Steve! What about the thicknes of each ply and how many sheets did you use? Thanks – Magnus

  25. About how thick is each ply,and how many?

  26. Hi Steve
    Does it have to be hard wood to do this project. Keep safe many thanks

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