LVL 1 to LVL 1000 in ONE GAME in Black Ops 3! "Gorod Krovi" EASTER EGG INSTANT LEVEL 1000 GLITCH BO3

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beat by chuki check him out!!


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  1. Does this work still

  2. is this patched now?

  3. Still work?

  4. Who watching in 2020 and is this patched

  5. Is this pacthed now

  6. Do you have to let go and hold let go and hold

  7. Is this. Still working ?

  8. How u gonna prestige

  9. does this still work

  10. I thought you were good not just cheating 🙁

  11. Does it still work?

  12. Does it still work?

  13. this is for the people who either for the people who got a new version of of bo3 and the are really good at zombies or noobs who want to impress people for once in there lifes

  14. This is patched right?

  15. Patched hopefully?

  16. Does this styll work

  17. Is this patched?

  18. Using glitches just makes you lazy af

  19. Hah he's gonna be level 1000 last on the leader board all because he's doing a glitch.

  20. Anyone who does this is seriously stupid

  21. This ruins the game I actually play the game and though I haven’t got to far yet, in 2 days of playing I am now from level one to prestige 3

  22. Ayye we both from Wisconsin

  23. This shit been patched

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