Losing Your Black Card Is Not a Game – Obama’s Other Daughters


Four friends play an extremely high-stakes game of black history trivia.
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  1. Tf is this racist stereotypical bullshit. I mean I get that white people trashed on black people and hated them for no reason, but this is the kind of shit that j thought we had gotten rid of a long time ago. White people mistreated black people, so if anyone should understand why its fucked up to make fun of the other side it should be them. Shame on college humor for making this bullshit

  2. This type of humour is really cringeworthy. I'm mixed-race & from the UK and to me this racial stereotyping lazy humour belongs back in 1992 or something. It relies on race tropes for the humour, instead of actually being funny. People would riot btw if it was reversed and you had the line 'we are 4 strong white girls'.

  3. It always ends with BMWF with these sketches. SMH, I guess Comedy Central supports black men leaving their nubian queens all alone.

  4. When is someone gonna give Maame-Yaa Aforo a show? I grew up with her and have always thought she was hilarious. Obama's Other Daughters are comedy kweens!

  5. Yesss! Oh my god. So dang funny. I love how each of them are so different and bring their own Comedy! Genius women! Love them ! 🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻

  6. obsessed with this!!!!! obamas other daughters yall are CRUSHIN IT. can we please have more vids????


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