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This VHS commercial is from “Life of Black Tiger: Angry Video Game Nerd” which is episode 170. The AVGN is playing the most modern game he’s ever played before on the PlayStation 4. But, of course it might be one of the worst games he’s ever played. Life of Black Tiger is a mobile game ported to the PS4 where you play as an emo tiger fighting the wild and humanity to save his cute baby. Gilbert Gottfried guest stars as a certain game designer that’s never been seen on the show before.

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Crew: Justin Silverman, Kieran Fallon, Antonio Piluso


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  1. Only at FuchoLand. Located in the Voorhees Mall next to Caldor

  2. This is the greatest thing you've ever done. Gilbert is God

  3. Still a better and more heartbreaking game than Last of Us 2 on the very same platform.

  4. The original Tiger King

  5. Anyone else got Joe Exotic vibes from this?

  6. I'm here for the Tiger King memes in the comments

  7. Better than the Sony commercial for sure!

  8. Hatsune Miku ft. SEGA Project Diva 39's available at FuchoLand.

  9. This is damn sure reply value. I love coming back to this video. It always makes me laugh. Total win James

  10. Who knew Fred Fucks was disguised as Gilbert Godfrey this whole time.

  11. My favorite video!!!!

  12. Fucholand!
    Pay for a good fuch, then bring that fuch home for the family to enjoy!


  14. 1:01 Hunchbacked Bear!

  15. Why u blocked adding subtitles? Ppl watching ur videos all around the globe, and I already spent some time creating subtitles, sent them and now I see that adding was blocked and whole my work is ruined. 🙁

  16. And if that ain't replay value, my name ain't Rex Viper RIIIIGS!!!

  17. Jajaja. This was so Funny. At last I got the chance to see the Real " Fred Fucks"

  18. This is the best thing cinemassacre has ever done. 🙂 aside all the other amazing things too.

  19. Gotta play the video at 360p to get the full experience

  20. This is an ad I saw on my CRT TV when I was 13 in 1990.

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