Let's Play Submarine Titans #13 | Black Octopi Mission 3: Escape


Patience is all we need.

Submarine Titans is a 2000 real-time strategy video game developed by Ellipse Studios, and Australian developer, and published by Strategy First. The game takes place in the year 2115 after Earth has been ravaged by a cataclysm and moved underwater.

The game features three factions: the militant White Sharks, who succeeded a United Nations armed force, the Black Octopi, who are focussed on research and ecology, as well as the Silicons, a species of silicon-based aliens. Each faction has a ten-mission campaign that follows its own storyline.

Submarine Titans has traditional real-time strategy base building and army management. The two human factions need oxygen to run their structures, and filter gold out of the sea water to finance their research. They also extract two substances from the ground to build structures and units: common metal and the rarer Corium, a valuable element with special properties.

The Silicons do not require oxygen, but instead extract silicon from the ocean floor and generate energy from metal deposits. As the game takes place underwater, units can be moved into all cardinal directions as well as up and down several depth levels. Submarine Titans also has a couple of other fairly unique features such as a spectator mode for multiplayer matches as well as an AI that can take over part of the player’s forces or base.

Submarine Titan’s engine was specifically designed for the game and is capable of rendering 3D landscapes as pre-rendered sprites. Upon release, it received mixed reviews. The game was praised for its gameplay, but criticised for its learning curve, bugs, and AI issues.

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