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Let’s learn some English words and phrases about travel! This is a topic that is often requested by my English learners and I hope to help you understand the English meaning, and English pronunciation of over 40 English travel words and phrases.

I’ll talk about words and phrases about planning to travel, English words and phrases you would use during your travels, and the people who are in the world of travel that you might need to talk to.

I hope you enjoy this English video lesson!

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  1. 🔥 Thanks for watching! I hope you were able to learn just a little bit more English! If you would like to support my channel, and be able to participate in the "Members Only" portions of the live lessons you can do that right here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZJJTxA36ZPNTJ1WFIByaeA/join

  2. Yeahhh! I'm a backpacker! I've been in the US, in Cuba and in Argentina. Maybe in the future I'll visit Canada, too. Thanx for the lessons and by from Switzerland!

  3. Hi Job i have been following your chanel some weeks ago, i am spanish speaker, so i am constantly finding ways to improve my English and i finisged english course at least three schools , i think it easier for me reading , and writtibg but when i am talking with americans it so difficult to me understaing the convestation at the time i am traslating on my mind . Do you Know any exersices to inprove listening?…

  4. HI Bob My is name Dung.
    Im new student. Iam from Vietnames. all your videos it is useful. thank you so much.
    I hope can add some more friend and study Enghlish every day. have a great day.

  5. Bob🇨🇦. You must see Tajland and Kenia ,beach Diani beach( incredible safari with loving animals). In Europe Portugal Algarve awesome, Sardynia in Italy,great beautiful Greece.If you like traveling these countries you must see. Take care ✋


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