LEGO Castle Black / The Wall | Game of Thrones | Brickworld Chicago 2016

Beyond the Brick’s Matthew Kay talks with Matthew Greene about his huge LEGO creation of Castle Black and The Wall from Game of Thrones.

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Intro animation by HJ Media Studios:

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  1. Hadrian’s wall is mainly in Scotland

  2. I didn't know Kermit was in to Lego…

  3. Yo why does the old dude sound like that mine craft kid who asked “how much dedwikated wam should you have for a survour” instead of dedicated fam for a server

  4. Love this thing!

  5. Awesome build!

  6. love love love love

  7. Did he say how many feet hi the lego wall was?

  8. where do you buy legos like the ones used here,gray and brown and white?or you jusy aquire over the 20 years

  9. Cool!!

  10. I think that the gate is on the wrong side.

  11. the ice wall looks realistic!

  12. 0/10 not enough blood
    (jk this is amazing :D)

  13. looks great!

  14. Great work by Matthew. Such amazing detail and accuracy. Please bring it to Brickfair Alabama next year!

  15. Hodor

  16. Been waiting for this for ages.

  17. O_O

  18. Woah awesome !!!

  19. Love the vintage brick usage on the wall. Very cool.

  20. were is wun wun
    oh wait, he died XP

  21. were is wun wun
    oh wait, he died XP

  22. how do you get a moc table

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