Kotion Each GS410 Gaming Headset | Full Review


Looking for a budget gaming headset? Kotion Each GS410 is the best bang for your bulk!

Built for the price but performs well above the same. Great bass, sound stage & clarity. Downside is the mic but you can tweak it to perform better.

Build Quality & Design : 7/10
Performance : 8/10

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  1. Is it comfortable? Would you recommend it to use for long hours?

    Gaming headset is a concern but I am more inclined towards comfort. Does it deliver?

  2. Hey ereviews,I bought this from flipkart,I think they made a new version of this,the box is a bit different,the mic is not stiff,it’s smooth,the mic quality is the best I have heard,the bass is great,and u can hear sneaky footsteps and can easily identify where your opponents are,it’s a must buy if u are looking for gaming headsets under 1000 ₹(BTW I use this for Fortnite)

  3. your channel will go really ahead please reply
    please tell I am not a gamer but I wanna good headphones is it good and how is the bass and is it comparable to jblc250si
    btw,great review!☺

  4. Bro, how about noise cancellation, I want to buy this for Flight Simulator, which need very good noise cancellation mic. Is it good for that or suggest me god with noise cancellation.

  5. waoh man, you're the first guy i saw giving such nice and smooth review of a "headphone". Seriously impressive. Keep up the good work. Gonna subscribe 🙂


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