JAEHYUN X NY : All Day In New York (Feat. MK)|NCT 127 HIT THE STATES


More ‘NCT 127 HIT THE STATES’ are coming up!
Please look forward to next episodes in other cities during the North American Tour!

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  1. This made me listen yo Empire State of Mind and wanna go to New York but knowing how poor I am, I already know I cannot go to America until I die sobs

  2. Can someone please tell me how nct works. I feel like the reason why I was interested in the group was bc their was a lot of members and I never understood it.

  3. Seandainya aku ada ditempat itu,mungkin teriak² gaje dan nyanyi "jodohku maunya ku dirimu"

    Permisi numpang lewat

  4. Jaehyun-ah, i miss your smile. During this tough time, i hope nctzens' warm words can give you strength. You are a precious human being. You are strong enough to overcome this. Please dont blame yourself. What happened is not entirely your fault. You acted like human but they mistreated you. They thought you are a robot what. The situation made me want to cry. I want to cry my heart out. Why they did this to you. Please let jaehyun be jaehyun. He is a human. He doesnt deserve all the criticism. S. Korea is not the only country facing this pandemic. Please treat him better. He is our precious jung jaehyun.

  5. It was a year and days ago, but these duo of Foreign Swaggers still get me addicted watching HIT THE STAGES: New York X JAEHYUN. Girls exactly need JH X MK do a collab more than Whiplash era.

  6. Everyone talked about JAEMARK's Honeymoon things:

    Well, *plays NCT 127's Sit Down!

    LEE HAECHAN: "I smell some jealousy~"

  7. if I told you that not 127 waved to at the thanksgiving day parade when they were on the golf cart after would you believe me?


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