Is Black Ops 4 the WORST Black Ops Game?

Is BO4 the WORST Black Ops Game in the Franchise? Let’s find out…
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I wanted to ask a question with this video: Which Black Ops game do YOU think is the worst in the franchise?

Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, or Black Ops 4?

I take the time to explain the good and bad features of each Black Ops game, and ultimately give my opinion about which game I think is the worst.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but that’s because…

…IT’S VERY HARD (cue Vonderhaar intro)


Why BO3 is Good –
Why BO3 is Bad –

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  2. Predicted warzone

  3. Bo4 is goated for the most part

  4. Answer: YES 👎👎👎👎👎

  5. Bo3 is my opinion

  6. Der eisendrache is one of the best maps for zombies

    Its from black ops 3

  7. Bo1-best campaign
    Bo2-best multiplayer
    Bo3-best zombies

  8. Why are you talking so fast?

  9. Worst black ops and also the worst call of duty game

  10. Black ops 4 is the worst cod I’ve ever played and I put some time into iw 😭,

  11. Bo4 is by far the worst black ops game IMO

  12. BO1 is the best one
    BO2 is pretty decent
    BO3 feels nothing like BO
    BO4 is a flop
    BO3 on last gen consoles is the worst cod ever

  13. It’s 2 things. Worst black ops game and worst cod game ever!

  14. Lemme just make this short…yes

  15. Black ops 4 is the worst shooter ive ever played.

  16. Bo4 has potential they just gave up

  17. Short answer, yes. Long answer, definitely.


  19. I love this game

  20. In my opinion
    Best cod game:mw3
    Worst cod game: call of duty classic
    Best black ops game: Bo2
    Worst black ops game: bo4

  21. If cod had a separate battle royal game for free. Moments later WARZONE…

  22. Separate br that's free to play? Did you knows something merky merkster?

  23. Yes

  24. Short answer yes

  25. 5:25 i’m watching this video just as Warzone comes out and that’s exactly warzone

  26. Why is nobody talking about black ops declassified?

  27. Worst cod of all time

  28. Black ops 3 is the worst

  29. Black Ops 4 is not the worst Black ops, it’s the worst COD ever!!

    BO3 had the best Zombies experience

  30. CoD Mobile is Better than BO4

  31. BO4 isn't just the worst Black Ops game. It's the worst Call of Duty Game.
    And BO3 is 2nd worst in both BOP games and CoD games.

  32. Me. Yes worst game ever.

    Logan Paul. Yup!

  33. How tf is multiplayer terrible…..this game is actually good

  34. Nah

  35. Nah

  36. There is no type of gun balancing at all

  37. Yes.

  38. That’s probably why I didn’t never buy call of duty black ops 4 Because there is no story campaign like the other ones and my friend says the online there’s nobody but cheaters and modders Always ruining the game just like Grandtheft auto five online

  39. Dude u talk very fast nd bo3 was the worst

  40. My ranking of the Black Ops games
    BO2 > BO3 > BO1 >>>>>>>> BO4

    I loved BO1's Campaign and Zombies but I wasn't too crazy about the multiplayer.

  41. At least bo3 had good zombies

  42. If anyone else remembers merk said that black ops was the best cod game we ever got at one point. When mwr was out plz like

  43. Black ops 4 worst

  44. Bo4 is the not only the worst black ops but the worst cod game ever

  45. Black ops 3 is my favourite call of duty of all time 😂😂

  46. Black ops1 and story of black ops3

  47. Erm u didn’t mention bo3 zombies at all easily the best imo

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