In-Depth XR250R Review


An in-depth review of the late model Honda XR250R dirt bike. This review discusses a variety of topics, including ergonomics and comfort, suspension, brakes and handling, engine, transmission and fuel efficiency, reliability and maintenance, upgradability, and my final opinion after owning this bike for much of my life. Everything in this video applies to the XR250R of the years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.

Check out for information on mods for the XR250R!

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  1. Bro thank you so much in getting one!!! I got an offer on one that just needs a motor and thought I don't know if I want it your the best thank you so much if someone is reading this please consider getting the best bike pit thier!!!

  2. A Mikuni Pumper Carb and a good aftermarket Airfilter is the best thing to do with the XR. My Suzuki DR350 1994 Model and My XR 250 92 Model absolutely flies with that Carb on them. I allso use a full mineral racing oil with high zinc content 20W50 HPR30 Penrite Oil made by Penrite Racing Oil because they run far too hot for my liking in hot weather with thinner Synthetic Oils and lve used Penrite or Nulon full mineral racing oil in every car and motorcycle all my life and l swear by it. The XR was the first bike l learnt how to ride on and l love them. The Honda CRF is an unreliable peace of snott that blowesup the motor all the time and will keep you broke so dont buy one. Im now 42 years old rode XRs since a little kid that couldnt touch the ground and ive never had to rebuild an XR and l allways keep the oil clean, Not sure if you have Penrite or Nulon Engine Oil in America but you would be able to find something equivalent. The 400R and the 600R is awsome aswell as the XR650R liquid cooled one is a beast. You can still buy the XR650L Aircooled brand new but its not the same bike as the faster 600R so your better off getting the R model second-hand for less money and clean it up.l also have a 1985 XR350RJ the last one they made until the 400R came out in the 1990s and lm looking for another XR600R to buy again and will not ever sell them ever again.

  3. I have a 1988 XR 250R That has had some porting work bigger jets it Runs
    rather well & Will still keep up with and pass the modern day
    bikes. It's just a dinosaur, Rides like a board with a good shock pro
    link but hey 32yr old bike. starts on 1st or second kick w/o
    decompression cable on fresh rebuild about 30hrs.

  4. I have a 1995 Honda XR250 Baja. Its a japanese version with electric starter without kickstarter. Everything you say is true about the comfort and realiability. I don't have starting issues sinds i got a electric starter. its starts right away with only one short crank. I really enjoy this bike. I never did any modifications. Its great ass it is. It has dual round headlights and turn signals.
    Thanks for the video!

  5. Just took my 2001 xr250 out from it's winter sleep. I also have a brand new Suzuki drz400sm but my xr250 can keep up 🏃 things a tank.

  6. My buddy had one of these when we were teens. The oil plug fell out on a trail ride and managed to ride a long ways like that. Topped it back off with oil and it still ran! Smoked like a 2 stroke, but it ran for years more like that. You can't kill an XR250.

  7. I see you have rear footpegs, in that position is it ok to drive with passenger and confoirtable without one but with the pegs mounted?

  8. Great video! A greek guy named Elias Vrohidis has been travelling around the world with a XR 250 R. Amazing adventure, he's currently planning to travel the US. You could check him out: Mad Nomad

  9. I miss my 84 XR 250 such a fun bike that could hang with smokers. XR line is the only 4 strokes I would ever buy again.

  10. I have a stock xr250r I just got a fmf Q4 for it I have it uncorked at the air boxs and stock jetting now cuz the Q4 isnt here yet what jetting did you have before you moved to 277 ?

  11. I have a ‘94 XR250RR (280 big fin) Ballards bike(Australian legend), suspension mods by Ballard as well. Had it since new. It is a lounge lizard now, doesn’t see much dirt any more. What a bike! You can ride it hard all day and be fresh as a daisy. Your right, why Honda went away from the XR is a complete mystery. It was the benchmark bike, the one all other manufacturers wished they had. Simple, reliable and bullet proof. Honda has lost it big time unfortunately. My only regret is that I didn’t buy a Ballards XR600 as well. I have an XR200 (‘90 model) that I still use as a mustering bike and it is a beauty. Tuff as nails, an all day bike as well and it has done about a million kilometres. Legendary machines. Jeff the Aussie.

  12. Imma get a 250r now. I live I'm Europe and only have the a1 license, so my current bike is a honda xr 125l. It is a pretty nice beginner bike. I still have to wait 1 and half a year to upgrade my license so that I can rude bigger bikes. It'll be a xr 250 for sure now


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