I'm a f*kn Monster

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  1. Trick2Gesus

  2. Thank God trick got a goddamn champ pool again he been running it down with udyr all season 9.

  3. Is there a video on YouTube with the latest Intro?

  4. . Mind watch me as well

  5. Lil Tricka: "Mommy ! daddy ate my food"

    Trick: "I like to deeply apologize"

  6. He's just the better player

  7. Fans: No best comment!?

    Editor: i would like to deeply apologize

  8. Trick the type of man to
    Say lata bitch after snatching someones purse

  9. Trick the type of man to
    Say lata bitch after snatching someones purse

  10. I swear I saw this video already on his main or im tripping LMAO

  11. cool

  12. agnostic trick: "I believe in something"

  13. Trick: “I’m a fuckin’ MONSTA”
    Also trick: built like Mike Wazowski

  14. dont see where I can vote so my finaly answer is C: some ape shit

  15. Meteos needs to learn how to ult over drg wall like my mans trick

  16. TRICK, i love u <3

  17. Thumbnail do be looking monsterous tho

  18. Somebody needs to make trick aware of the ctrl5 spam while moving in ur q as voli , it is next level bm it looks so funny xd

  19. Why does he upload basically same edited videos on 2 accounts

  20. Teacher: Trick You have an F- better luck next year

    Trick: I've been dooing this for years

  21. I swear he gets worse at the game by the day lmfao

  22. Dat outro was hella fire!

  23. "Vote here"
    They musta forgot

  24. B

  25. I love this outro congrats to the editor loved it

  26. "dig" means "you" in danish.

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