I Keyboard in Black Ops 3? Game Chat REACTIONS!


In this video I play Black Ops 3 and come across some people that accused me of keyboarding. I react to it and talk to them to convince them I don’t keyboard while playing some BO3. Thank you for watching this video, I appreciate the support!
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Over here on my channel I upload primarily Call of Duty because that is the game i love and play the most. I try my best to upload daily and every week because I want to grow my channel and not let any of my subscribers down. I try to put out a new Top 5 out every week because I love making them and lots of you guys seem to enjoy them! I also upload live commentaries and try to get awesome gameplays for you all! I hope your stay on my channel will be GREAT!

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  1. lmao this guy is so annoying he flexes 14 sens like lmao who flexes game sens btw my sense is 14 as well what does it give you special abilities

  2. the way he snaps to look around you can tell it’s controller keyboard players are really smooth until they see 2 or more people then they swipe

  3. Came across a keyboarder the other day, we all knew he was keyboarding so we all just camped, and He went 58-2 in nuke town.

  4. The way you move is a lot like keyboarding plus we don’t hear any buttons clicking, props to you if you’re not.

  5. If you can't use the stock controller than you shouldn't play among the general population…it ruins the game for casuals

  6. I love when people assume you’re doing something you’re not doing and it’s like “thanks, am I that good” xD


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