HUNTING THE BIGGEST PLANE IN THE GAME | P-61 Black Widow (War Thunder Bomber Hunting)


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HUNTING THE BIGGEST PLANE IN THE GAME | P-61 Black Widow (War Thunder Bomber Hunting)

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  1. They're called spoilerons not "air brake airlerons" lmao and tons of modern and old aircraft use them. They allow for asymmetric roll control.

  2. me seeing this video remembering when this plane came out and me being instantly op with it

    song oh god i wanna feel again

  3. Phly, i dont know if you still see these comments but i just saw this old video, and i wanted you to know theres at least 1 ju88 confirmed kill by p61 rolling over and firing its turret.

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  6. It is called "Black Widow" as in a night fighter. I have seen several different photos of this aircraft. In every example the aircraft is painted black, except here, fighting in the daytime.

  7. She is a little like the P-38 …. the Lightning was used a bit more….then came the B-26A Night Maurader .

  8. The real P-61 could use the turret as a locked forward-firing armament as well as a defensive turret. Would be cool to see that ingame.


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