HUNTING THE BIGGEST PLANE IN THE GAME | P-61 Black Widow (War Thunder Bomber Hunting)

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HUNTING THE BIGGEST PLANE IN THE GAME | P-61 Black Widow (War Thunder Bomber Hunting)

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  1. I hate this p-61, this always happens to me. Meanie ruining my fun when i play BV 238, with a p-61.

  2. this round 4 bv i get killed all with the p61c1

  3. The shower of tracer coming from that thing XD

  4. Since then this bad boy already got his radar !!!

  5. They're called spoilerons not "air brake airlerons" lmao and tons of modern and old aircraft use them. They allow for asymmetric roll control.

  6. Tango down pls

  7. We have one of these at the local Museum along with a B-17G

  8. Didnt know that the bv 238 had a warp drive…

  9. Revisit.

  10. me seeing this video remembering when this plane came out and me being instantly op with it

    song oh god i wanna feel again

  11. me, watching this video in 2020:
    what uhh you have merch… oh this is from 2018

  12. Bravo

  13. Just got the p 61! Can't wait to use it!

  14. Love the P-61

  15. Phly, i dont know if you still see these comments but i just saw this old video, and i wanted you to know theres at least 1 ju88 confirmed kill by p61 rolling over and firing its turret.


  17. I use the P-63 to hunt down Bombers!

  18. Aka the worst plane in the game

  19. You still don't learn. This is a nightfitter, fly it at night. Also why do you think the plane is black.

  20. Gun depression: doesn't exist

    Carburetor disfunction: ALSO DOESN'T EXIST

  21. But let's finish sanitizing while we continue the Bear market.

  22. How do i have this insight well I allege my interaction with Offixer Calogero and Contraeas of New Brunswick Police.

  23. The cops in NJ felt some way for the use of a vulgar hand gesture that I must take responsibility for however it does not come close to the justification of what I have alleged was done. They know this hopefully i am not attacking any ones wife or husband however any Leaders that have made use of their official office to cause further suffering they should just own this.

  24. It is called "Black Widow" as in a night fighter. I have seen several different photos of this aircraft. In every example the aircraft is painted black, except here, fighting in the daytime.

  25. I've never knew how to fly this plane. Thanks for showing me.

  26. Pleas tell me how 4 17,5mm can saw und a huge wing i half!

  27. She is a little like the P-38 …. the Lightning was used a bit more….then came the B-26A Night Maurader .

  28. You should revisit this plane, the radar is interesting

  29. The real P-61 could use the turret as a locked forward-firing armament as well as a defensive turret. Would be cool to see that ingame.

  30. „Haha overpowered machineguns go boom“ fuck off

  31. Most hacked game ever..

  32. Wait til the B-36 comes out

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