How To Start Your Own Compost


Here in San Francisco, residents are given a free bin to collect compost materials. This is in an effort to eliminate all waste in landfills. Tara explains how you can make your own compost bin right in your backyard!

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How to Get Started With Composting

“Landfills are one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases, but the big tragedy is that, according to the EPA, at least 23 percent of the U.S. Solid Waste stream is made up of perfectly compostable materials!”

Composting At Home

“Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste currently make up 20 to 30 percent of what we throw away, and should be composted instead.”


“Composting is a simple way to add nutrient-rich humus which fuels plant growth and restores vitality to depleted soil. It’s also free, easy to make and good for the environment.”

San Francisco tops list of ‘green’ cities in survey

“On trash day in San Francisco, bins in three colors line the streets, each with a different purpose.”

No Garden? You Can Still Compost

“If you don’t have a garden, or curbside compost, you might think composting isn’t for you. But guess what – you can still join the compost party, even if you’re an apartment dweller or suffer from a black thumb.”

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  1. Hi i am trying my best to spread this message in India. Pls check my animated video i have made

  2. What about all the "waste" on the streets of your shithole sanctuary city since you've allowed the homeless population to multiply exponentally? Or doesn't that matter.

  3. It's so weird to see Tara explain something helpful and not pitching a new version of basketball where people don't move.

  4. I was just trying to learn how to compost and I clicked on this video because the thumbnail made it look like Tara Long was in it and oh my gosh Tara Long is in it polygon leave me alone

  5. I have a big garden, so when the grass is getting cut we put it in the big compost in our garden, its always moised and fillef with greens. A tree is right above it so leaves are always in it, It is so big i bet many animals live in there

  6. positive vibes here from Vermont. I am learning new things every day. glad to see young people making a difference.

  7. You can compost humans animals too it will provide very useful minerals mix with horse or cow manure with bedding and add a human or animal in there it is permitted in some USA state

  8. i watched this video and felt motivated….my friends saw this video and felt motivated….my neighbours saw this and were motivated…we rent a projector in a big field and my village people saw this and felt motivated….thank you so much for this video. may god bless you.

  9. Honestly this is going out of your way, I have many other priorities in my life, I wish there was a service that truly composted food scraps.

  10. I suggest finding a local expert. Conditions may vay and so should the ratio. Certain food scraps contain more nitrogen than others. And planting legumes make that nitrogen more bioavailable. Dont forget the cow shit.

  11. wow….this is alot harder than i thought it was. I always assumed you just needed some dirt, earth worms and scraps…


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