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  1. Wow nice tip dipshit, thanks to this video i can go allover again

  2. I put my PS4 into rest mode after getting to round 60 then realised I hadn't changed my power saving settings……..

  3. Bro you sound just like one of Matt Lucas characters from "Come Fly To Me"

  4. If you want to make sure that this works, go on any map, start it, and on round 1, click rest mode, and test if it works

  5. Yeah this video sucked. Imagine getting to a high ass round just to see this video then loose all your progress.

    There actually is a way to save progress on rest mode. Unfortunately you can only use this method on local

  6. Ily

  7. Does this work with black ops 4

  8. That shit didnt worked online, I fucking lost all my progress

  9. This doesn’t work for me,I was playing local and I have the settings but when I turned my Xbox off, it closed off of the game and now I must restart my high rounds on revelations

  10. Does this work for bo4 ?

  11. Thanks bro u earned a sub in a like

  12. my does not work on bo3

  13. Man I love u thank u your a legend even tho I’m using this for ww2 zombies

  14. Make sure your on local or it doesn't work

  15. Thx

  16. Does it work when I pause the game and leave it till I want to resume?

  17. Same on revelations yesterday with no downs ❓👎😱

  18. I did everything required. I went back into my game of kino der toten on 55 and it said "game session no longer available". Anybody else?

  19. You ass I was on round 78 on origins and it said no connection to servers

  20. Wow just tested this and it doesnt work😡😡

  21. Learned this from this video and realized it's two years ago… I got to Origins round 81 on bo3 and did not save it just said "Game session no longer available." I got recordings on my channel to prove.

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