How to: ROG Rapture Set up and Overview


The battle-ready ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 router is designed with just one mission in mind: Make your gaming network awesome. It’s packed with powerful gaming optimizations, and delivers dominating Wi-Fi performance, rock-solid stability and state-of-the-art security.

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  1. I wonder if i can use multiple of them cuz like my modom is not in my room unless its possible to like hook it up to a google wifi and see if that works i want ethernet connections for the best

  2. When I’m done can I bring it to my room? Bc I wanna set it up and have 0 ping but just wanna know if when I’m done setting it up can I like unplug it and go upstairs and have good ping???

  3. I just pick one of these routers up off a coworker. I set it up as you mentioned but only getting 250Mbps wifi. Router seems to be getting gigabyte in but not out. Yes, I understand wifi speeds a less than hardwired but shouldn't be only 25%. Tries calling ASUS but their call centers are down because COVID-19

  4. Hahaha video for GT-AX11000 and setup on browser for AC5300 no no not lair at all man. at least hide the page from up hahaha

  5. Thanks, but this is very basic. This is one of the routers I'm looking to buy, can you tell or show if it can do DHCP on the LAN ports? I use both wifi and desktops. Also, can you route between the segments, printer on wifi and desktop directly connected?

  6. can i use this router with a netgear nighthawk mesh x6s to use to add more coverage in a larger home with wifi downstairs and to reach the upstairs room?

  7. I have a arris surfboard SB6190 modem with mediacom cable internet will this router work with this set up ? Also will this router work if i ever change from cable to a satellite internet service in the future ?

  8. I attempted to set this router up today and can not get it connected to my ISP.
    I have a broadband connection with a wireless antenna, no modem at all. I keep getting an ISP DHCP error. All the docs I have read talk about DSL modems so I am wondering if this will even work. I called tech support and the East Indian was hard to understand and couldn't help me.

  9. Is there way to "share" connection. I mean so if I download or upload something the whole lan/other devices won't die because of it? Also is there "burst mode" and method of capping total speed?

  10. Hello, I just bought this router. Is there a video that goes through all of the setup option for this router GT-AX11000?

  11. ok All connected
    I am using my WIRED Desktop RJ45 wire from my Desktop to the TOP Set of four
    Top Row is PC / TV / Printer / Sound System
    Bottom Row nothing is connected
    Here you ask me to search for Available Wireless Networks
    I see Connected to Network 2
    and nothing else.
    Do I stop looking at your video? ok I will look on

  12. add band steering by default for full stability and no external hardware/less hardware will be needed, fix disconnecting when products with third party os terribly optimized cause signal loss and add Auto ai booster to calculate and favourite selected products for top sig speed while keep other products realtime optimized per second fully calculated or just put all third party product on the slowest band and channel and support the original os windows and googl mobile and pc os

  13. Well i set up the router but i dont get an WAN connection, i use an telekom speedport as modem (it got a mode to use it as a modem only).

  14. Can you explain VPN fusion and how to setup? When my wife is on her vpn my connection while gaming is terrible.

  15. Dear Asus, i had just purchased the rog ax11000 but i set it up as an AP. And my old ac87u remains as my primary router.

    Through the web interface on the ax11000, i dont see qos, gameboost & WTFast mode. Is this because im on AP mode? im on the latest available firmware for the router


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