How to Reset Windows 10 Password with Hiren Boot CD


How to Reset Windows 10 Password with Hiren Boot CD:-

In this video we will learn how we can reset Windows 10 password with Hiren Boot CD I just seen here I am not able to login on my Windows PC and its up showing the password is incorrect so you can easily reset this one with the higher and bought City so just navigate to the just open your browser and navigate to the Hiren Boot CD dot or Italy Hyderabad city have a lots of collections of tools where you can explore many things like your resetting password and resetting BIOS password many options are there that you can reset with the hiring bored sitting in this is just a collection of lots of freeware tools and open source tools that you can use in one CD means if you have iron boot CD you are easily able to do lots of job and just click on the download and if you want to read out the all the tools that’s available you are easily able to find it here as a senior like Norton removal tool lots of tools are there and if you want to view the CD content so click on the sea see the contents and your is liable to explore all the tools that sir available in the Hiren Boot CD even you can reset the BIOS password lots of rules are there you are I think you must be try all the tallest to just explore all those days and to download this one just click on the boot CD that gift SBI already downloaded so I am just going to be cancel the sun and after that what u required just unzip this file and I already unzip and hear you have if you have the CD so you have you can burn with the DVD burn with the burn this CD or either use the USB to USB disc so right click on it and after that just like the run as administrator and forward the path of your emails just click on the browse and provide the part of your hard disc CD image you can also do the same thing with the USB drive and if you are just a few hours to use with the USB so just use the Rufus tool and you will find all the links in my video descriptions also and after that click on the start and now after your city you need to boot in the BIOS and for bios you need to press the F2 it’s depend on your laptop manufacture no more store it safe to add here you need to be select the boot Menu so if you have CD drive to select CD otherwise you need to be select USB so I just want to do with the CD ROM device so I need to select the CD ROM otherwise if you have the USB device option so you have the off and you need to select the USB device any need to wait for the boot in the BIOS mode so this one is the BIOS mode and this I tried this one with the on the Dell laptop and here you have the main advanced security power and boot option so you navigate to the boot option and you need to be changed your first boot device option by default it’s a CD ROM and if you want to use the USB so you need to be entered here please enter here and you to select the USB or hard disc whatever option that he wants to use it you can use it from here so in my case I wants to use the CD-ROM so I just need the CD ROM and after that click on a and just tap on exist and I just hit inter and intra why to save this one after that just press by and hit enter to save this one now it will be put in the hiram would say to ironwood City now here you need to be select Mini Windows XP program it’s a mini Windows XP but its not the Windows XP its just looks like Window XP and you have here you have many tools also like memtest and other tools are also there that you can try with the the CD so in this for this video I just going to select menu Mini Windows XP so select Windows XP and then after just hit enter so it will take a little bit time to just for loading and after that it’s a Windows XP Wizard will be open but its not Windows XP don’t be confused ok so now is here in Windows open so n it’s also there on the desktop so just click on the hbcd menu ok now click on the program and here is a collection oonsupported for the How to Reset Windows 10 Password with Hiren Boot CD,Hiren Boot CD,hiren boot cd password reset windows 10,hiren boot cd password reset,hiren boot cd 15.2 tutorial,hiren boot cd bios password reset,hiren boot cd 15.2 password reset,hiren boot cd 2017,hiren boot cd usb bootable tool,hiren boot cd 16.2 iso free download,hiren boot cd password reset windows 10,reset password windows 7 hiren boot cd 10,how to reset password in windows 7 using hiren boot cd 10
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    If you go to see the partitions of the windows the program not recognized
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