How to make a WindowsPE boot CD – Create a system image WIM Part 1


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– In part 1, I create a WindowsPE Boot CD .iso image file using Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK).

The goal of this tutorial series is to show how to create a Golden Windows 7 System Image that you could then install throughout an entire lab.

This image (WIM) can be a prepared computer system that includes: the operating system, drivers, programs, and files that you would otherwise need to install one by one on all the systems in your network. Using this method, you install one system the way you want it, then you turn it into a golden image or WIM file, and then install the entire lab from that image file or WIM

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  1. hello, if i use x64 windows 7 install.wim image ineed to make winpe iso with that commands? copype.cmd amd64 c:WinPE_amd64

  2. I am stuck on the creation of the unattended.xml file!!!! I have found lots of these tutorials and people either make no mention of the file or do stupid stuff like mention it then do not show how to use it and blast on to the next step. So, in my case, you spend half a day setting up a system do a sysprep /oobe /generalize /shutdown successfully and then when you deploy every single machine fails on "starting machine for the first time…restart and re-install windows", infinite loop!!!!

    So now I have bricked half a dozen machines and either have to google for a couple hours to figure out how to shift-f10 and then regedit and make half a dozen arcane changes in order to boot! Or else complete re-install the OS and all the damn apps!

    Can you please cover using the damn "windows system image manager" to create the unattended.xml file.

    Looking at that app without already knowing how to use it is like being handed a bottle of scotch, some gauze, and a scaple and being told to go perform brain surgery on someone!

  3. How about WinPE 5.1 or better WinPE 10? How about adding your own application inside of the WinPE image? How about how to add some third party drivers inside of the WinPE image?

  4. wow this video is so awesome , detailed specific and great for noobies! thumbs up , keep up the good stuff!

  5. having problems with the oscdimg command its saying that its not recognized as  an internal or external program or batch file ??


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