How to make a basic Android game in Unreal in 7 minutes – No code!


Read the post: | In this video, Adam Sinicki will explain how to create a (very) simple 2D platformer in Unreal for Android. It’s not much – but you’ll have your own character running around with their own animations, navigating a level you designed! With full touch screen controls! From there, you can build on this broad overview with more tutorials in order to create anything you wish.

Prerequisite: you will need an environment set-up already with Unreal Engine, the Android SDK etc. You should also find or make your own sprites from somewhere.

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  1. I am making my second game in Unity and I spend a lot of time learning C# but I wanna learn Unreal as well is blueprints more easier ? Then C#?

  2. On mobile platform especially 2D, Unity is a no brainer
    It has 2D bone-based animations, 2D lights, 2D sprite shaped, tiles, etc….

  3. is it just me or you have also seen this guy at another YouTube fitness channel and at the Discovery channel??

  4. I tried importing the game to my phone by did not work because it keeps opening a tab on how to do it but it says to package it but opens the tab if you can make a video on how to import it that would be helpful

  5. i need your help please to build my andoid apk file by unreal engine 4 my app just show the splash logo then it stopped when i run over my mobile, you may ermail me thanks

  6. 7 minutes + countless hours that you will spend getting android SDK to work correctly with UE so you can build your apk. 😀

  7. Links to how to set up the environment and SDK would be helpful, as well as whatever java setup he was talking about :/

  8. I left using unreal engine because it was not a good choice for making mobile games. So I recommend to use Unity because it has more community support. And the size of game apk in unreal engine is a lot. Also it is not compatible with many devices. For PC game development unreal is a beast.


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