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How To Log Into Windows 7 If You Forgot Your Password WITHOUT CD OR SOFTWARE!!

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In this video I show you how to login to Windows 7 if you have forgotten your password or want to reset your password. This method of bypassing the login password is done without a CD or without any software. It’s the easiest way to login into Windows 7 without a password.

Nguồn: https://scoutdawson.com/

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  1. froggy stool

  2. Okay I was sleep doing this because I couldn't log into my computer I watch the video and I have a Gateway Windows Vista desktop and it wouldn't allow me to do the things he was doing I thought he had showed me nothing I logged in and then I press cancel cancel and then I got back to the original screen before I messed it up and now I logged in I'm logged into my computer so I just want to say thanks sorry for this message being so long I voice type

  3. What if windows 7 isn't even in there

  4. Everything worked up until hitting shift 5 times. I am on the start up screen and this command doesn't work. Any ideas?

  5. How do you rename sethc7 to normal tho

  6. Superb explanation

  7. You are not less than god for me in this moment😖

  8. Plsss replyyy

  9. Pano pag wala po naka lagay na launch startup?? Wala po kase sa laptop pag tapos ma shutdown

  10. If this doesn't work, then follow the same copying and renaming procedure on the file Utilman in addition to sethc. I had to do that on Windows 7 Enterprise. Please thumbs up this comment so it could help others. Thanks for this video. I was able to access a computer from years ago for which I couldn't remember the password.

  11. When I click local disk or windows 7 my folder is empty

  12. Found a working lenovo thinkcentre, want to reset win 7. When you find a pc, dumpster, thrown out, etc.. it wasnt yours to begin with.. so.. gotta learn how to make it useable fot me/you! Thanks so if you selected aspnet (admistrator) & the cmd prompt asked for a new password, typing in a new one would replace the old one, right? The other users on a multi user pc also could be changed or deleted? Thank you

  13. Awesome, thanks man good job!

  14. Not working on mine😭😭😭😭

  15. Thanq

  16. Thank you so much… Got right in…

  17. Not working😭😭

  18. Not working😭😭

  19. thx

  20. Srsly i try many time already n it same dnt work.. Pls help me

  21. There is no file naming sethc..what else i can do?

  22. Thank you very much. It is very helpful and easy to follow. Very grateful for your help

  23. Excellent i did the way you exactly guided in your video, and it did worked thanks a ton i was struggling to get into my PC since a week, i did asked my IT Manager but he couldn't he advised to buy the CD etc, anyway thanks once again

  24. i try 5 hours

  25. dont work😕

  26. Thank you!

  27. Thanks a million. I’ve tried so many options that didn’t work and just when I was about giving up, I watched your video and the process was different and It didn’t give me the same steps as yours until I tried it the second time and boom I recovered my system after 5 years. God bless you

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