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What’s Monster Legends?
💢 Monster Legends is currently an RPG game (RolePlayingGame) created by a group named:Social Point, it has over 10 million downloads on playstore!
Breed, feed, raise and train Legendary monsters and turn them into beasts! Collect mighty monsters to uncover unique skills and boost your strategy in action packed battles. Build a world for your monsters to live, fill it with habitats and breed new species! … Monster Legends is a beast of an action game! 💢

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Welcome to my gaming life, my name is Ahmad Nabowat and I am 17 years old I make daily kid-friendly videos and I am happy that my fans enjoy my contents!

Still looking through the description now? ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)


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  1. Would you guys like me to make a video on how to farm food as well? Let me know!

  2. How do you craft a gold rune

  3. How do you feed your monsters and when you get to every multiple of 5 it doesn't ask you to change skills

  4. Good cuz I got a lv 9 team rune that I don't want so I'll try it

    Wish me luck of getting a good level gold rune

  5. I feel like Social point should give us the ability to edit our Island how we want it it would actually be a huge improvement bc it will allow u to put the habitats were u want and farms 🙂

  6. I seriously just equipped gold runes to all my monsters except those I use in battle cause I am running out of gold

  7. Bro I will make this video go viral if u give me some gold in monster legends

  8. Thank you broke this was so helpful

  9. I have alot food, I need gold

  10. Mg just to let you know you haven't organized ur islands properly for example on ur second island u can fit another legendary habitat

  11. How do u zoom in and out in memeu launcher

  12. We are noob that's why we cant make habitats much upgrade

  13. I glitched the game, i was able to place more than 5

  14. We need food

  15. Thanks Mg this was a big help, I'm at late game but struggling with gold.

  16. I got moonhaze I am so happy it is my first mythical

  17. I got moonhaze I am so happy my first

  18. I got moonhaze I am so happy my first Mythic

  19. How can you reorganize your island when it is full?

  20. I have one question what level should I really stop panda farming

  21. Thanks for making this, very useful. Love ya videos

  22. Ahmad can you try to make a level 10 rune with all your speed runes you know like craft level 2 and then step it up until level 10 please

  23. Yes and I know this is off topic but can u give me ipug

  24. "Thunter" 4:11

  25. Pha-lax is bad btw

  26. yay new video

  27. This was very helpfu

  28. i neeb hallp

  29. You should have your own monster in the game if you don’t have one
    I can’t be the only one who thinks that

  30. Thx for the tips and keep up the great work

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