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How to Fix A Bad Sector on a Hard Drive

How to Fix A Bad Sector on a Hard Drive

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When a hard drive starts to show signs of wear and tear, you may see one or more bad sectors show up when scanning for errors on the disk, when the hard disk starts to go bad and shows bad sectors, the data may get lost on them bad sectors. Does this mean I have to replace my hard drive? no, the rest of the disk will be unaffected by bad sectors and the hard disk will still be usable. What Victoria can do is scan for bad sectors on the drive and mark them as unusable. If you choose to mark as unusable sector, the Operating System will know not write or store data to them bad sectors. In my personal experience, each hard drive and bad sector error is different from case to case and this method may or may not work for you. If the hardware is damaged bad enough I would suggest you backup what you can and replace the hard disk with a new one.

This software is no miracle worker, but it does work for same hard drive problems. Victoria Software can only fix bad sectors that aren’t physical problems, which means if its related to a software issue that leads the bad sector to be marked as bad. Remember physically damaged bad sectors on the hard drive cannot be repaired.

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  1. I got 700 green sectors 123 orange sectors 55 red sectors and 45 blue sectors

    looks good to me

  2. Do this software scan the whole PC along with external hard drive or can I scan only the external one?
    and yeah,scan completed.And I have some warning and errors.Should I do anything else or it's already fixed by itself?

  3. You have a option to relocate Bad sectors, so it marks Bad sectors, and the Drive does not use them anymore. Its not a bad program, you just need to know what you are doing! Not for amateurs BTW.

  4. nvm , dont try any tool that says it will fix bad sectors they are all trash , they might increase the problem , if your harddrive has bad sectors just buy ssd or another harddrive or ,, ignore the bad sectors .

  5. Hey sir after running the test i arleady see that there are 125 errors (the blue ones) do u think it can be repaired?

  6. How do you download it

  7. I've used the software, it runs however it damaged my hdd, my hdd is no longer visible to any of my devices, i also tried it on my windows system drive, now i'm unable to boot to windows, this sucks, yesterday i had my hdd and windows working, now both of them is unusable…

  8. You cant fix bad sectors you just moving it in other area…

  9. 9 Power-on time 92 92 0 38788 ••••

  10. Open the hard drive cover gently. Then blow the dust carefully again. Put the lid back on. Because I have a hard drive it was 50% life but now it is 97%.

  11. How can hard disk password be removed or recovered please make a video on this topic thanks for ur work

  12. Does this software work on SSDs, and is it possible to get the sofwtare in a dos mode if for example our pc doesn't boot?

  13. sir meri 2tb hard ki helth 0 % Ho gai ha data copy nai ho rah?????????

  14. How to format

  15. Anyone know what the difference in versions of this program, most videos are showing 4.47, this video shows 4.61, the most current version seems to be 5.2. Other than the 5.2 version, all the others are many years old, yet some seem to prefer those, particularly 4.47. Not sure why.

  16. Is that your own hd you have your op on running ?
    That is the problem I only have one HD to do it all

  17. Its ssd. Not hdd

  18. that means my data is gone

  19. wasted my time. you did not fix anything.

  20. My external hard drive is damn bad sectors do bad that system usually hangs or gets slow will ur software suffice??

  21. when i try to check the disk all sectors are bad when using diskgenious S/W,trying to format i get this error :Read Sector Error! Disk: HD1:TOSHIBAMK3275GSX(298GB) From Sector: 0. 2 Sector(s) Total. Is my disk dead completely ,someone help

  22. Hi if a hard disk running have some sound does that mean the hard disk already does it mean this hard disk is going to end of the life?

  23. Thank you

  24. So i downloaded this software, select orange, red, blue and remap. It already found 1 red right from the beginning. Do i have to do anything else after it ends or it will get rid of them automatically ?

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