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How to Enable Built in Administrator Windows 7 with Hirens Bootcd in Virtualbox

How to Enable Built-in Administrator Windows 7 with Hirens Bootcd in Virtualbox :

1. Restart the PC and boot through hirens bootcd and select Mini Windows XP

2. Click HBCD Menu on the tray icon, Passwords / Keys — Windows Login — NTPWEdit (Reset Xp / Vista / 7 User Password)

3. In the Path to SAM file, select the SAM file that is in WindowsSystem32config.

Adjust the location of the windows installation drive that is visible in the mini windows XP & Click (Re)open

4. Select the user administrator then click Unlock & click Change password to add a password to the administrator user

5. Restarting the PC and logging on the user administrator that has been enabled 🙂

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