Honda Goldwing Review – Luxury On 2-Wheels | Faisal Khan

Here is the most detailed review of the Honda Goldwing, I tell you everything about the design, cluster, features, performance, ride, handling, braking, price and of course give you a verdict on whether you should buy a Honda Goldwing in India. This Honda Goldwing road test is a long ride one with a real-world perspective of the luxury tourer motorcycle from Honda.

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  1. How many #FasBeamers will choose a Goldwing over a sports bike?

  2. It's had a bike 😲😲😲🙈

  3. I’m picking up a 2012 white Goldwing here in a few hours in Hendersonville NC, ditched three Harleys and a CTX 1300. I’m so flippin excited. Great video. Ty Sir

  4. If it would be in India.
    People will be so comfortable on it.

  5. Breathhhhhh……!!!

  6. Assalam to u bro..🤝
    I owned 40th Anniversary 2015.
    Riding GW is like u r flying a jet fighter, and u d pilot. With all the gadgets' buttons on the panel left right board..and d speed..

    No regret owing one GW..for life.

  7. 2':45 thak gya ladka

  8. Faisal please one ride on Honda Fury and review exclusive to India.

  9. Are you cricket commentator .non stop talking .

  10. Kitna deti hai ???

  11. If the bike cost around 25 lakh,i will choose SUV cars.

  12. greeting
      I am looking for a Honda motorcycle  goldwing  2016 new 

    Are they available to you?
    Where can I find it if you do not have it


  13. Is it nuclear powered?

  14. অসমত কোনোবাই কিনেছে নেকি

  15. Your mouth rpm also increases with engine rpm 🤣🤣🤣

  16. This is a two wheeler car

  17. This guy shd have acted in Gully boy !!

  18. 4:10 bhai bike mein pco

  19. Both are Not for all. Bike and video.

  20. Will it take off😌

  21. What is the mileage 🤣🤣🤣

  22. They should install seat belt

  23. Those speakers are waterproof?

  24. When you already get everything like a car, sofa seat, infotainment system, so much weight, luggage carrying capacity,, THEN WHY IS THIS DRAMA TO KEEP STABLING IT EVERY SECOND BY HAND, WHY NOT TO GET JUST 2 MORE WHEELS & GET EVERYTHING SETTLED??? JUST GET ANY CAR,

  25. bro, i think your style of speed talking may invite lungs problem in future… so take a deep breath in between… by the way i love your videos…

  26. Why do you speak so much other than the stuff related to the bike?

  27. Honda valkyrie bike

  28. Its a result of threesome between a Scooty , Car , Bike.☺️

  29. My dear brother, Don't talk like that, you should breath sometime

  30. The bike feature at the start is Moto guzzi calfolrnia.

  31. اتنی لمبی زبان اور وہ بھی انگریزی میں..پناہ بخدا

  32. You have a machine gun mouth bro. Haha

  33. In 25 lakh you can buy an SUV.

  34. Just put a touch screen and good OS no requirement of so much buttons

  35. But will it get wet in rain? Any option for rain protection

  36. Faisal Khan sab ko bike dega
    Dada ka bap ka bhahi ka sab ka bikes laga tera faisal .
    Kisi ko kuchh yaad Aya ho to like kare

  37. What if rain comes while riding this bike? Are the speakers waterproof? What about so many controls if it is exposed to rain?

  38. That bike is intruder

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