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Hiren's 15.2 Boot CD Downloading, Creation On USB Drive And Booting Windows 7

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Last update 01/18/19
Hiren’s Boot Image Zip file:

Please note that we take no responsibility for any damage that this may cause to your equipment. Educational purposes only.

Nguồn: https://scoutdawson.com/

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  1. cool

  2. you can use rufus tool for bootable usb it is much faster reliable and 100 per working

  3. im able to throw everything on the flash drive but the laptops wont boot from it? i have one with vista and one with xp i went and grabbed hirens 14.0 and still no luck.

  4. where are the option to boot on win7 by usb flash drive ? That only show's when u use a CD in here

  5. I'm able to boot hirens from the USB stick, but when I choose "dos programs" It gets stuck in the next screen and do not show anything more… I've tried several methods, even creating the USB following the tutorial on hirens website. :'(

  6. hi! I need to create image file my "c" drive. pls send a video

  7. thanks sir

  8. Nice tutorial !


  10. hey
    i tried to extract the image file but everytime i try i get bunch of files not just a one like in the video
    any help?

  11. my computer refuses to let me download YUMI..I have turned my firewall and Antivirus off and I still can't download it before something stops it. any other way to do this without YUMI??

  12. thank you for that good explanation

  13. You Rock…Great Job!!!

  14. please help me, how to remove administer password UAC BIOS windows 8 from Hiren's Boot CD?

  15. Richard your awesome!!!!!!!!!!thanx a lot

  16. well done , thanks

  17. this wortking only of the linux ?

  18. u r the shit !! thnx

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